The Pittsburgh Penguins 2007 1st round draft pick Angelo Esposito who was traded to Atlanta last season, makes Team Canada after being cut three years in a row
Many NHL scouts still see Esposito as a project.
As I’ve been saying for weeks, the Rangers remain Mats Sundin’s first choice with the Canucks being his fall back option. Sundin met with Rangers GM Glen Sather over the weekend and all indications are things went very well. Now it is up to the Rangers to clear enough cap space to accommodate Sundin. If it was about the money Sundin would have signed with Vancouver months ago. He’s clearly not going to sign for $2 million per season but $4 million per could do the trick according to sources.
The Rangers have been in talks with the Predators about dealing Petr Prucha to Nashville. Steve Zipay from Newsday lays out the options for the Rangers.
“The way to clear space is through waivers, re-assignments or swaps for draft picks.
The demotion of Patrick Rissmiller (about $700,000 prorated) provided some air; then there are usual suspects: Petr Prucha ($1.3 pro-rated) and Dan Fritsche (mid 600,000s), who could go for low draft picks. And there are some who believe that Dmitri Kalinin could be waived, along with his double-digit plus-minus and $2.1 mil (not pro-rated) baggage. D Corey Potter could be his replacement at $500,000-something. Or there is Lauri Korpikoski, ($1.1 mil not pro-rated) who could be sent to Hartford for the rest of the season.”