Montreal – GM’s are doing a lot of talking over the past two days and teams are getting a general sense for the market of potential free agents.
Is there a growing sense that Rob Scuderi will get offers of over $3.5 million? TIOPS has the latest

Talked to a source Inside the Penguins draft headquarters about 20 minutes ago and he tells me in speaking to league executives and GM’s around the league, the Penguins are getting a general sense that Scuderi will receive offers of about $2.75 – $3.25 million.
My source says Pittsburgh believes that talk about Scuderi getting offers of over $3.5 million likely won’t be the case according to their research, although there could always be a team that makes a surprise offer.
Even though Pittsburgh feels they are a longshot to re-sign Scuderi, teams sources feel they will have a shot at signing him for a home-town discount deal in return for more years, if his market value will only be $2.75 million per season.
Shero spoke to Stephen Bartlett this morning and I’m told the two sides are expected to touch base again on Saturday.
There is a little chance that Scuderi’s rights would be traded tonight.
The Islanders have made an inquiry but Pittsburgh told the Isles they are not shopping his rights at this time.
To sum things up, Pittsburgh is not in the mindset yet that they were with Ryan Malone last summer that there was no chance Malone would resign in Pittsburgh.