Michel Therrien spoke to Stan and Guy on ESPNRadio1250 this morning regarding the sudden coaching change the Penguins made. Therrien spoke very highly of the team and says he’s looking forward to having quality time with his kids who were also “apart of this”.
Therrien on getting fired
“Tough to swallow, will always have great memories, doesn’t’ have any hard feelings.” Will remain in Pittsburgh for the time being. Still tough to swallow”
Therrien on the teams focus heading into this season
Therrien tried to concentrate on having a good start after the bad news of losing Ryan Whitney and Sergei Gonchar to injuries. Got the great start he wanted but the reality is the team got hurt, lost a lot of players
“Calls losing Marc Andre Fleury, the teams biggest lost that affected the team’s quick start”
The last three weeks he felt the team was turning the corner and was pleased to get Sergei Gonchar back in the lineup. Thought getting Gonchar back was going to jumpstart the team.

Therrien wanted to change the culture from day 1
#1 thing he wanted to change was the culture of the team when he arrived in 2005. The discipline, work ethic and Therrien indicated your not going to please everyone. He was pleased with the results he had.
Feels the team surprised a lot of people two seasons ago with a 47 point turnaround and “last year was a great for us‚Äù according to Therrien
He’s concentrating on the memories of nearly winning the Stanley Cup last season. Doesn’t feel he backed off of his player this season compared to others. Doesn’t feel you can step on the toes of people all the time
Therrien on Family and what’s ahead
Therrien is going to concentrate on his kids now and spoke very highly of them, indicating they were apart of this and it was a sad day also for them yesterday. Says he looking forward to having quality time with his kids.
Therrien is hopeful he will have another opportunity to coach again in the National Hockey League and believes he has a lot of offer
Therrien on questions that he lost the room?
“Didn’t think so.” Indicates he knows what he was trying to accomplish and wasn’t trying to be everybody’s friend. Was trying to improve the team and “just because you are hard on players doesn’t mean you don’t love the players.”
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