Insider Only No progress between NHL, NHLPA in Wednesday’s CBA Negotiations

CBA negotiations resumed today in New Jersey with mediators and to no surprise there was no progress made between the two sides. Talks remain where they pretty much ended last Thursday, at a stalemate on the three critical issues preventing a deal.

Feeling pressure from owners to back off the concessions they made last week, especially the $300 million ‘make whole’ that was pushed by moderate owners, Gary Bettman and the NHL intend to hold firm, putting the emphasis on the players to make the next move and come to grips with the owners terms of a 10 year CBA and 5 year contract term. The mystery here is whether the NHL comes anywhere close to putting the $300 million ‘make whole’ back on the table, if the players finally agree to a 10 year CBA term and 5 year contract term.
The NHL on Monday cancelled games through December 31st and with the league not wanting to have a season under 48 games, there is about a month left before the season likely gets cancelled. Look for Don Fehr to go right up to the deadline.

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