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Insider Only One consolation prize to the Pirates second half collapse, is team projects to have two selections among first 15 picks in 2013 MLB draft

Sitting at 76-80 on the season, the Pirates will have to run the table in their final six games to post their first winning season since 1992. Losers in 20 of their last 26 games, that would be quite a feat for the Pirates.
Should a 77-79 win season be viewed as true progress? I felt going into the season that 77-79 wins would be a successful season and signs of progress and I still feel that way, but aside from the second half collapse, what takes away that argument to some extent of this season being another step forward is due to the uncertainty surrounding the roster next season with big question marks in the starting rotation and at catcher, among other areas.
There’s just not a good feeling that this team will be that improved as there isn’t a lot of help internally and the Pirates will be in the same market again for veterans in free agency on the downside of their careers.
The starting rotation has A.J. Burnett and Wandy Rodriguez as the true locks in the rotation for 2013 but Burnett will be 36 and Rodriguez will be 34 for start of next season. After those two, no one knows how things are going to play out with the rotation. Jeff Locke and Kyle McPherson are borderline MLB starting pitchers, No. 5 type guys, Jeff Karstens can’t stay healthy, and who knows what James McDonald the Pirates will get. The Pirates, though, should see top prospect Gerrit Cole at somepoint but not at the start of the 2013 season.
If there’s one consolation prize to the Pirates collapsing in the second half, they project to have two draft selections among the first 15 picks in the first round.
Pittsburgh is guaranteed the No. 9 selection after failing to sign Mark Appel and right now project to also have the No. 14 selection. Draft insiders have gone back and forth on whether the 2013 draft class is going to be a stronger one than the 2012 draft class.
1. Astros 51-105
2. Cubs 59-97
3. Rockies 62-94
4. Indians 65-91
5. Twins 65-91
6. Marlins 66-90
7. Red Sox 69-87
8. Blue Jays 69-87
9. Pirates
10. Royals 70-86
11. Mets 72-84
12. Mariners 73-83
13. Padres 74-82
14. Pirates 76-80
15. Phillies 78-78
16. Diamondbacks 78-78

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