The Penguins are on a 2 game skid following 5-3 loss to the New York Islanders Saturday night at the igloo. The Penguins defense overachieved for much of the season but now they are playing like many thought they would. The more the Penguins lose, the more Mike Therrien is going to be questioned with his lineup decisions. Word is Crosby and Malkin may be re-united for the first time since the begining of November. Jordan Staal would then move up to the #2 center with Christensen on his wing. Malone and Ouellet are due back soon and this is how the lines should look.

Malkin – Crosby – Armstrong
Recchi – Staal – Christensen
Malone – Moore – Ouellet
Ruutu- Talbot – Thorburn

The Tampa Bay Lightning have claimed Andre Roy. Quote from Lightning GM Jay Feaster: “It was never our intention or our desire to lose Andre Roy in the first place,” Tampa GM Jay Feaster said. “Having lost him, we never regained that tough, physical, gritty element that Andre brings. Now, for the first time, the new CBA has helped us in that through re-entry waivers we have been able to bring back a very important player to our hockey team at a salary and cap hit that make sense.”

The New York Rangers have the most interest in left winger John Leclair. The only problem for the Rangers is the Flyers and Canucks may claim him before he gets to them. Bob Grove is reporting the Devils, Rangers and Flyers are very interested. Without question John Leclair will not be a Penguin tommorow.