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Insider Only Penguins dictate next move in negotiations with Sergei Gonchar

Latest UFA Updates on Gonchar, Eaton, Guerin
No new movement took place today between Pittsburgh Penguins GM Ray Shero and J.P. Barry the agent for Sergei Gonchar.
“Still waiting for Ray, we will meet in LA, ” a contact in Gonchar’s camp told Inside Pittsburgh Sports this afternoon.
What is known is that there’s absolutely no truth to the bogus reports that Gonchar’s rights have been traded to the San Jose Sharks.
The Penguins are not engaged with any teams about moving Gonchar’s rights. The team remains confident that movement towards a new deal is going to be made in the next 48-72 hours.
After negotiations over the weekend, parameters have been established to the point where the Penguins now know what Gonchar is seeking to sign before July 1. Pittsburgh dictates the next move.

Negotiations which are likely to pick back up on Thursday are reaching the critical stages. Movement towards a deal or towards testing free agency will be known in the 48 hours.
Those in Gonchar’s camp have made it sound to me today that they want to get a deal done with the Penguins. We’ll see if this is just posturing but both sides are not ready to break off talks.
Mark Eaton Update
A contact in Eaton’s camp told me just about an hour ago that a decision on whether to test free agency is going to be made by the weekend. At this point, they have all intentions of testing free agency.
Shero is meeting with Stephen Bartlett the agent for Eaton on Friday.
The Penguins have yet to begin negotiations with Eaton.
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Look for an update on Billy Guerin to be posted this evening. A lot of chatter going around about him. Some are now saying he is no longer a lock to return. I’m waiting to hear from some contacts and will update later.
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