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Penguins have shown little willingness last two games to go tough areas, create offense down low

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We could talk all day about the Penguins lack of discipline, not being mentally strong, lack of kill instinct, and so on, but some of the Penguins primary concerns before the playoffs from a playing style standpoint popped back up in Games 5 and 6 and is why they’re in the position they are heading to a Game 7 after being up 3-1 in the series.
Unlike Boston, the Penguins are not a team built to wear down the opposition and that becomes evident in a seven game series. It’s been an issue for years now and the General Manager still doesn’t see it.
The Penguins have been pushed around the last two games from a smallish Rangers team.
Are they in need of scratching a skilled player in Beau Bennett and putting Tanner Glass in the lineup who can add some sandpaper and grit? It won’t help them score goals but the Rangers have helped tilt this series by being the aggressor and getting under the Penguins skin. Maybe it’s time the Penguins try to turn the tables.
When it comes to the Penguins struggles to score goals, a glaring concern for the Penguins the last two games has been their inability to get to the tough areas, work the puck down low and try to create offense there.
If there’s one positive effect that John Tortorella left on the New York Rangers it’s their willingness and ability to block shots. The Penguins have constantly settled for low percentage shots near the points, especially on the power play.

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