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Insider Only Penguins owner Ron Burkle to attend players/owners meeting on Tuesday

It has been confirmed that Penguins owner Ron Burkle will be attending a meeting between the players and owners on Tuesday. Burkle who has not been a part of any talks so far, was asked by other owners this week to be involved in a potential meeting that has now been arranged between the two sides.
The meeting will take place in New York and include six owners and six players.
Per Bill Daly, other owners to attend the meeting include Murray Edwards (CAL), Jeremy Jacobs (BOS), Larry Tanenbaum (TOR), Mark Chipman (WPG) and Jeff Vinik (TB).
Four non-regulars will be joining the talks in Burkle, Chipman, Tanenbaum and Vinik but what’s interesting is that Jacobs and Edwards will be attending the meeting and they are two of the four main owners that the players have not been happy with, especially Jacobs who the players feel has been a driving force behind the lockout.

Can’t see the players being happy at all about their involvement.

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