The Penguins are currently conducting internal discussions about making an major offer that could land them a top tier winger for Sidney Crosby and another asset with top-6 potential.
By the way there is no three way deal in the works between the Penguins-Avalanche-Kings. Three way trades rarely work anymore, especially ones with multiple players involved.
The Penguins inquired about Kings winger Alexander Frolov in January and there hasn’t been much talk since.

Internal discussions on-going about major offer
The Colorado Avalanche and Pittsburgh Penguins have been scouting each other for about 6 weeks now. Pittsburgh has been looking at plenty of intriguing players from the Avalanche while the Av’s have had their eye on Jordan Staal, Ryan Whitney, Max Talbot to name a few.
The Denver Post reported this on Tuesday evening: “Rumor is the Avs are going to be involved a big, multi-player deal involving an eastern team real soon. Boston or Pittsburgh are the runaway favorite teams said to be likely to be involved. I still can‚Äôt get rid of my Chris Drury itch, either. I know that Francois Giguere loves him. But as much I love Drury, too, it‚Äôs probably not a great deal for a team like the Avs right now. And I doubt Drury would OK any deal out of New York. But I still rumor-monger about him a bit, I‚Äôll admit.”
“Could Jordan Staal become an Av? Could be. Could Ryan Whitney? Could be. Could Manny Fernandez? Could be. Could a couple of first-round picks be coming Colorado‚Äôs way, along with any of the above players, for someone like Ryan Smyth and/or Jordan Leopold? Could be.”
The Latest
I will update the post first thing in the morning as I’m waiting for some info back but I can confirm Ryan Smyth is very much in play, which I reported a few days ago. The internal discussions are surrounding him but the Penguins would receive another asset with a much lower cap hit that has top-6 potential.
I can confirm No offer has been made from the Penguins but they are in the works of possibly putting together a “major package.”
Alot of disscussions between the two sides have been on-going for over 4 weeks which is going to set the stage for a very interesting week.
*Sources are denying internet reports that the Penguins would move Ryan Whitney or Jordan Staal straight up for Milan Hejduk
Will have a lot more info in the morning
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