What a game this was. I’ve been to over a hundred Penguin games in my short life time and this was one of the most exciting low scoring games I have seen in person. The Penguins were dominate in every asset of the game. Marc Andre Fleury put together two great games and recorded his second career shut out. The past two games the Penguins are finally looking like a team and the recent play has given fans some hope heading into next season. I’ve said for a while this team is not that bad and are only a few pieces away from making a run next season for the # 8 or 7 seed. One of those pieces will be Malkin who will have a even bigger output offensively than Crosby has this year. Colby Armstrong has shown he belongs in the NHL and scored the Penguins 2 goals. The Penalty killing was phenomenal especially during the 7 minute penalty kill. Everyone was playing together and im just so impressed with the no quit effort they have had as of late. You could feel the electricity from the crowd and I don’t want to hear anyone say this isn’t a hockey town.

Bucks Penguins Insider….

Sidney Crosby didn’t score a goal tonight but added 2 assists and was dominate for two straight games. Tonight the play was coming to him and reminded of me of Lemieux on how every time he was out their he controlled the play. He has gained some ground on Alexander Ovechkin for the Rookie of the Year but as of now Ovechkin still has a slight edge. Koltsov has secured himself a spot on the roster for next year. Everybody who doesn’t know hockey rips this kid saying he’s a bum but he is very effective out their. Not the best hands but is a great penalty killer and a above average forechecker. He has been one of the best players the past 6 games. Can’t give up on this kid.

The Pens showed toughness out their tonight. It was one of the few times this year a opponent looked intimidated. Andre Roy penalty was not smart but sometimes you need a player to go out their and do that to prove a point and show your not going to push us around anymore. Ryan Whitney, John Leclair had solid games and have been playing consistent hockey for the past 2 weeks. Next game Thursday against the New Jersey Devils.

Pitt heads into the tournament with a #5 seed in a wide open region. They will face Kent State which should be a cupcake but a potential second round matchup with Kansas will be tough. This Pitt team is their best in two years but it’s going to be tough road for them. We could see them finish from anywhere from the Elite 8 to getting knocked out in the second round.

NFL News and rumors

Antwaan Randle signs a 6yr 31 million deal with the Washington Redskins. He got 11.5 signing bonus. That is just crazy to give a 3rd wide receiver that kind of money. I don’t blame the Steelers for not trying to resign Randle El because he is not worth that kind of money, but sooner before later they can’t keep getting rid of weapons for Ben Roethlisberger. Roethlisberger is the teams most important player and you don’t see the Steelers getting rid of offensive lineman for their precious running game.

Edgerrin James signs 4 yr 30 million deal with the Arizona Cardnals.Lavar Arrington sweepstakes is down to the New York Giants and Miami Dolphins. Arrington took a physical with the Giants but is to meet with the Dolphins Monday afternoon. Drew Brees is a two horse race between the Saints and Dolphins. The Saints have said they will outbid anyone but he will end up in South Beach. Defensive end John Abraham met with the broncos and skins but is also scheduled to meet with Miami. Where is Miami getting all this money to spend. The Oakland Raiders are back in the race to trade for quarterback Daunte Culpepper. John Clayton of espn has reported that the Raiders and Vikings have resumed talks and a Culpepper and Moss reunion is bound to happen. Wide Receiver David Givens the best wide receiver on the market is being sought after by the Dolphins, Texans, Browns, Chargers and Titans.

Denver running back Mike Anderson has signed with the Baltimore Ravens. As for Jamal Lewis, he is scheduled to meet with the Broncos this week but don’t be shocked if he ends up back in Baltimore. Backup quarterback Jon Kitna will end up in Detroit or New York Jets. Javon Walker has asked to be traded. The talented wide reciever is coming off knee surgery and says he doesn’t want to return to the Pack. Wouldn’t it be nice if the Steelers would take a chance and throw a third round pick for Walker. Looks like im just dreaming because that will never happen.