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Insider Only Pierre McGuire talks Penguins GM Position

GM Candidate Pierre McGuire, who is currently in Los Angeles for the Stanley Cup Finals by the way, appeared on TSN Radio 1050 this morning and had some comments about the Penguins GM position:
“You can ask me anything. I have nothing to hide,” McGuire said to the hosts. “There’s a process that goes into all of these job searches and situations around the NHL. There are 30 manager jobs in the league and a lot of people think that when there’s an opening, you just put your resume together and throw it in and hopefully someone calls you back and that’s not how it works.”
“Way process works is a certain number of candidates are identified, they’re contacted by the team and then the process starts there,” McGuire said. “There’s a feeling out on phone usually, and then they decide if they want to bring you in to talk to you or meet you {somewhere}.”
McGuire, as expected, came to the defense of his close friend Ray Shero.
“This has been an amazing situation in Pittsburgh, first of all because of the general manager that got fired, probably didn’t deserve to be fired,” McGuire said. “Ray Shero had done an amazing job with that team. I think management, ownership in particular had higher expectations over last five years that had not been realized. Fluid process over last 10-14 days and that’s all about what i can tell you.”
If McGuire told David Morehouse that Ray Shero didn’t deserve to be fired and knowing how McGuire speaks his mind, he probably did, that had to have been a fascinating conversation.
TSN Radio 1050’s Twitter account posted a quote from Pierre that is not heard in the interviewed. “Pierre McGuire moments ago on @MikeRichardsTSN @TSN1050Radio “yes I can confirm there have been discussions with #Pens management…” via TSN1050RADIO
I’m not sure if this quote was edited from the interview when posted online or someone was just paraphrasing but in listening to the interview twice, I never hear McGuire make that quote, though, as we’ve been reporting, it’s been knowledge for over a week that McGuire was among the Penguins first four interviews, per sources, and McGuire had his second interview this past weekend.

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