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Insider Only Positive vibes continue on the Crosby front

On the possibility of Sidney Crosby making a return at somepoint in the post-season, the Penguins are said to be “upbeat” and “very encouraged” by the progress Crosby is making, sources tell Inside Pittsburgh Sports.

Crosby who is a week into the “skating” part of his rehab”, has been able to intensify his skating to some extent in the past couple days, with most importantly, no setbacks.
As mentioned yesterday, the big test will be when he’s cleared for full workouts {skating and off-ice} but there’s some talk around the team that he could be closer to receiving clearance to amp up his workouts than first believed.
With exercise, Crosby is believed to be symptom free for around 10-14 days.
Positive vibes continue for Crosby as a return this season is now starting to look like a more realistic possibility.

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