From what I’ve been told the Penguins do not have interest in Bryan Berard. They are seeking to add another NHL ready defenseman under 1 million per season and specifically a right handed defenseman.

Whom the Penguins are interested in:
1. David Tanabe: Tanabe has turned down the Penguins 1 yr 750 k offer but Tanabe still remains a possibility according to sources. The two sides have exchanged proposals but Ray Shero has made it known to Tanabes‘ representatives the Penguins will not go higher than 750k per season.
2. Brent Sopel: The Penguins have shown interest in Brent Sopel since last years trade deadline. The Penguins did offer Sopel a 1 yr deal worth 950k two weeks ago which Sopel declined. It has been rumored Sopel is looking to stay in the Western Conference and looking for more money than what the Penguins are willing to offer.

Nils Ekman has signed in play in Russia. There was minimal interest in Ekman and the Penguins had no intentions to bring Ekman back.

From what I’ve been told, Marc Andre Fleury is disappointed the Penguins did not make a effort to sign him to a long term extension. Fleury was told following the playoffs, he was one of the teams priorities this summer. The two sides did talk but could not agree on the amount of money per season as the Penguins are not willing to dish out 4 million per season to Fleury just yet. Despite his disappointment in the front office, Fleury is eager for the season to start and cash in next summer.

Rumors around the league
As i reported last week, the New York Rangers are making a strong pitch for Mike Peca. The Rangers are offering less money than the Leafs but according to Penguins sources, they believe Peca will sign with the Rangers.

The Washington Capitals missed out on Andy Sutton and may turn their attention to Danny Markov. Good luck to them as Markov is still seeking Cory Sarich money.

The Boston Bruins and Montreal Canadiens have shown considerable interest in Brooks Orpik this summer. The Bruins have been trying to get rid of Glen Murray’s salary and have looked into a potential trade that would involve Brooks Orpik going to Boston for Glen Murray. From what I’ve been told Shero has no interest in trading Brooks Orpik, and has also declined two offers this summer that involved Orpik. One team i know for certain was a offer from the Boston Bruins but i can’t get into specifics. As for Glen Murray, it is unknown if the Penguins have interest in him at all. Some people i have talked to in the national media circuit believe the Penguins need to add another top 6 winger and Glen Murray would be a great addition around the trade deadline. It might be to early to tell but i honestly think the Penguins will add another top 6 forward who is in their mid 30’s by the trade deadline. Shero has put the Penguins in a great position to add a Kovalev or Murray type of player who only has 1 or 2 years left on their current contract.

Five weeks till training camp: I love the Steelers but i can’t wait for hockey season to start because there’s nothing better than hockey talk.