Regher to Pittsburgh unlikely unless………

There are many factors the point towards the unlikely hood of the Penguins and Flames pulling this deal off

Reasons to doubt this trade will happen……

  1. The Flames asking price is very high at the moment.
  2. The Penguins will have to up the ante. Malone and Orpik will not get it done. The Penguins would have to send a 2nd round pick or 1 of their top 2 draft choices from last weeks draft. That is not going to happen.
  3. Regher is seeking an extension. This deal does not make sense unless the Penguins have a extension in the works since Regher is a free agent following the 07-08 season. Ray Shero is not going to make this trade and then lose Regher to free agency after 1 season
  4. I don’t see the Flames front office jumping up and down about Ryan Malone skating on their 2nd or 3rd line.

Reason this trade may happen

  1. The Flames are very high on Brooks Orpik. If you think of a Mike Keenan type of player, Brooks Orpik fits the description. Orpik is not Robin Regher but he is a hard hitting presence that will save the Flames 2 or 3 million down the road as they pursue free agents.
  2. Free agency is a risky avenue to improve your team as your competing with 29 other teams for a specific player. If the Penguins get the idea that Scott Hannan and Danny Markov will be off the market and re-sign wih their respective clubs talks with the Flames could intensify
  3. The teams have been talking dialogue for over two days about this potential trade

Chance of happening 30%

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