Roberts and Pens near deal

Ray Shero and agent Rich Curran have come to an agreement on the numbers regarding Gary Roberts. I have learned the Penguins first offered 2yrs – 5.4 million while the two sides have now agreed on a 2yr deal that will pay Roberts 3 million in year 1 and 2.7 million in year two. It is now all up to Roberts and the Penguins would like a final decision from Roberts by the NHL draft at the latest. There is still a chance Roberts will enter free agency but the chance of him resigning with the Pens is greater now that the Pens have upped the ante.

Now onto the Mark Recchi front. The Penguins have offered Mark Recchi a 1yr deal worth 1.3 million. The problem here is Recchi is seeking around 1.6 million – 1.8 million but it is believed that this is the highest Ray Shero will go. Let him walk i say …..

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