Pittsburgh Pirates second baseman Freddy Sanchez is in the midst of a 0-for-20 slump, just 4 days before the July 31st deadline.
The $8.5 million option Sanchez is due for next season remains an obstacle in trade talks and to go along with the fact that Sanchez is not healthy (knee), there are now less suitors for the former batting champion, than there was a month ago.
The one team expressing the most interest in Sanchez is the Minnesota Twins.
Currently the Twins are reportedly in “deep discussions” with the Oakland A’s about shortstop Orlando Cabrera who is their #1 target at the trade deadline.
What could make the Cabrera talks go south is if the Twins can’t land A’s reliever Michael Wuertz in the deal. It’s believed the Twins are unwilling to meet the A’s asking price for Cabrera, if the A’s don’t include Wuertz into the deal.
Despite the on-going discussions with the A’s about Cabrera, Freddy Sanchez remains “very much” in play according to industry sources.
The Twins are willing to add more payroll for next season and the general consensus in baseball circles is that Sanchez is the better fit.
Whether that leads to a deal for Sanchez remains to be seen but the Twins have also had discussions with the Pirates about John Grabow.
An interesting sub-plot to the Twins pursuit of Sanchez; There is word from Minnesota that

Sanchez would be interested in signing with the Twins long-term.
Highly regarded baseball insider La Velle E. Neal III writes
“Pittsburgh’s Freddy Sanchez is a better fit {than Cabrera}. And word is that not only is he willing to play for the Twins, he’s willing to stick around for awhile. And while he’ll make at least $8 million next year, it probably won’t cost that much to extend him a year or two.”
Trade talks between the Pirates and Giants have stalled but the Giants remain in the mix for Sanchez.