With the recent injury to Sergei Gonchar will the Penguins stand pat or make a move to bolster their blue line? Plus what kind of pay day could Petr Sykora warrant if he hits the open market? Read more for the latest inside buzz

The Penguins scouting staff have begun eyeing potential targets on the trade market. Does that mean the Penguins will make a move within the next two weeks-three weeks? Ray Shero is exploring all his options but it is very unlikely that we will see a major move from the Penguins anytime soon. The loss of Gonchar is going to hurt more than some people think but adding a player with a salary in the $3-4 million range at this moment is not a smart hockey decision. Ray Shero has gone under the philosophy of examining his squad until about Thanksgiving before making any rational changes. Eventually the Penguins will make a move due to the urging of ownership to keep this team at a Stanley Cup level but just not now.
Team insiders believe Gonchar will not be back until at least late February – mid March.
Calgary Flames defenseman Adrian Aucoin’s name did come up in an organizational meeting yesterday, according to a source.The Flames have been shopping Aucoin and his $4 million a year salary. This is the kind of deal where Shero will look to get creative and receive a mid round pick in return to take on Aucoin’s salary. Aucoin’s a name to keep an eye on the next couple months
I was talking to a Rangers source today who brought up Petr Sykora. He said Pittsburgh is making a mistake not trying to sign Sykora before the season. This source believes if Sykora puts up the same kind of numbers which is likely, he will be one of the most sought out mid-tier wingers and could command at least $4 million per season next summer.
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