Sources have confirmed Michel Therrien is not happy with being offered a 1 year extension. Therrien was seeking a three year extension at 800k per season. I have been told the offer has been on the table for over five weeks but after it became evident Shero wasn’t going beyond a 1 year extension,Therrien had no choice but to accept the one year extension. It is obvious Therrien had little leverage in negotiations. There has also been some speculation Therrien has not had as much input in personnel decisions this off-season compared to last season.

Heading into last season, Michel Therrien had a lot of say in the Penguins roster decisions. Ray Shero took the approach that he didn’t know a lot of the young players and let Michel Therrien have the final say in some early roster moves

  1. Libor Pivko (Ray Shero) vs Michel Ouellet (Michel Therrien): Shero made it known Pivko was going to have a chance to make the opening night roster and play on the top 3 lines. The last roster spot for a top 9 player came down to Pivko and Ouellet. Ouellet got the nod & played on a line with Jarko Ruutu and Dominc Moore to open the season against the Philadelphia Flyers. Winner Michel Therrien
  2. Opening day starter: Marc Andre Fleury ( Michel Therrien) vs Jocelyn Thibault (Ray Shero). Believe what you want but i’ve been told if Ray Shero would have had his way at the beginning of the season Fleury would have started the season in the minors. Shero felt he wasn’t ready and liked what he saw from Thibault. Winner: Michel Therrien

Fast Forward to this off-season. After being on the job for one year, Ray Shero is calling the shots and thus far Therrien is 0-3.

  1. The loss of Michel Ouellet.
  2. Therrien preferred to bring back Melichar as the 7th defenseman over Rob Scuderi.
  3. Seeking a 3year extension, Therrien received a 1 year extension.

It is believed Therrien will receive 600k in 07-08 and 750k in 08-09.