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Steelers save around $14 million in cap space with restructures of Roethlisberger, Timmons & Brown

The brinks truck will be showing up to Ben Roethlisberger’s house this month. Roethlisberger this morning has officially restructured his contract. Roethlisberger was due a base salary of $11.6 million and had a cap hit of over $19 million. The bulk of his base salary will now be turned into a signing bonus and he will receive that money upfront.
Roethlisberger restructuring his deal reportedly saves the Steelers around $6 million. The team has also restructured the deals of Antonio Brown and Lawrence Timmons this week. By restructuring the three players, the Steelers have cleared around $14 million in cap space for this season.
None of the three players will receive a penny less than they were to receive so let’s not make them out to be saints and that they are doing such a great thing. Restructuring is not a PAY CUT.

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