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Insider Only Steelers strongly in Bell’s corner with appeal looming; Brown Contract Buzz


Steelers in Bell’s Corner

Facing a four game suspension, the Pittsburgh Steelers have come out in full support of Le’Veon Bell publicly and behind the scenes. For Martavis Bryant who is suspended for the whole season, it’s a different story.

Talk in the early going of camp is that Bryant is going to have to repair some relationships in the organization, including strained relationships with key players to be welcomed back in the locker room were Bryant to surprisingly stay clean and be reinstated next season.

Some believe Bryant has played his last game as a Steeler.

The Bell situation is getting interesting.

Bell is either a great salesman in making the Steelers believe he’s stopped smoking pot and him missing multiple drug tests was a total accident/not intentional or the Steelers just don’t believe Bell has a problem to the extent that Bryant did when the Steelers last fall worked with Bryant and his representation to get him outside counseling.

For Bell there’s little to no talk in Steelers circles that the Steelers believe he’s headed down a path similar to Bryant.

Still, there’s obviously some issues here.

The question isn’t if Bell’s going to be suspended, he is, the question is whether his appeal leads to the suspension getting reduced by a game or two.

Whether it was the leak or some technicality that might favor Bell, the Steelers behind the scenes have put themselves in Bell’s corner to get the suspension reduced, sources say.

One thing for certain is that Bell’s defense of changing phone numbers isn’t going to help his cause.

Brown camp prepared to issue a 2-week ultimatum to Steelers?

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