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Steelers Practice Notes on Pouncey, Smith, Polamalu, & Packers offense

By Tim Benz

Wednesday Practice Notes

Maurkice Pouncey arrived at media sessions today out of his walking boot. He was just wearing sneakers like the other players. He has ditched the crutches too. Perhaps he is keeping up appearances and hope. Perhaps he is the miraculously quick healer so many on the team promised us he is.
Either way, Pouncey refused to expand on his “75 percent healthy” diagnosis for that injured ankle of his. The rookie sounds as if coach Tomlin got in his ear and suggested he stop giving such specific updates. All Pouncey stated this afternoon was that he is not practicing today. He wouldn’t make any promises beyond that.
– On the Aaron Smith front, he is getting an MRI today after practice. Smith suggested he might push his injured triceps a little harder today than he has in practices so far during his recuperation.
Dick LeBeau denied that Troy Polamalu has been deployed differently in recent games due to his Achilles injury. But he does admit that Polamalu has been staying in the back third of the defense more often than normal since returning at the end of the regular season vs Cleveland.
LeBeau defends the choice by pointing out the low number of pass attempts made down the field against his team in the last thee games… in part because of Troy’s presence there.
– Pittsburgh native Chuck Greenberg attended today’s media session over at Texas Christian University. The former local attorney is now part owner of the Texas Rangers along with Nolan Ryan. He continues to insist he never had the same ability to make a play for the Pirates as he did with the Rangers.
Greenberg also failed to give any further details on past or future plans his buddies Mario Lemieux and Ron Burkle may have (or may have had) to buy the Buccos. In fact Greenburg gushed about support he got from Bob Nutting during his bid to get in on ownership for the Rangers.
Ryan Clark was asked about similarities between Green Bay’s passing game and New England’s. He says the differences don’t exist in looking at the quarterbacks, rather at the routes Green Bay runs with its wide receivers.
He claims the Packers hold the ball a little longer and run slightly deeper and more vertical routes than the Patriots. If Clark is right, that may actually be good news for the Steelers based on New England’s frequent success vs Pittsburgh.
– A reporter asked Troy Polamalu about how much input others give to Dick LeBeau regarding his game plans. Troy’s response: “Nobody told Einstein how to write his equations did they?”
– Clark on attacking Packer QB Aaron Rodgers: “You gotta cut off the head to kill the dragon.”

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