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Insider Only Super Bowl Caliber Team or not, time is ripe for Steelers to send a message


Have you enjoyed your summer?

Here’s hoping you have because summer ends on Thursday.

Okay, maybe Friday. Steelers rookies report on Thursday, everybody else on Friday and, let’s face it, when Steelers training camp starts, summer ends.

With temperatures in the 90s and humidity almost as high, it can’t end soon enough for me. I’d take 28 degrees and a blizzard over what we’ve been having lately, but it’s not about the weather.

It’s about the conversation and the focus. Once the Steelers get to camp the focus is on September and the start of football season.

Admit it, you will be in a football state of mind.

This coming weekend is the last one without NFL football until February. The Packers vs Colts, 2016 Hall of Fame Game is Sunday August 7th.

Maybe the feeling that summer officially ends when the Steelers show up at St. Vincent only happens with those of us who have covered the team for a long time.

If you’re part of the stinking media and you’re obligated to show up in Latrobe every day, you have no choice. Football and fall is on your mind.

Let’s face it, the Steelers will be playing a game two weeks from Friday. You’ll be seeing the back-to-school ads on TV, if you haven’t seen them already and, believe it or not, kids in a lot of districts will be back in school three weeks from today.

Once the exhibition season starts summer really is over.

So, enjoy the last three days of summer.

-Is it time for the Steelers to send a message to their players or is sending a message just so 20th century? Want the Full Story? Get "Inside Access"

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