Updated: 3:50 Pirates turn down latest offer from Phillies

The Pirates are rumored to be asking for a top tier prospect in return for Damaso Marte. Some insiders believe if their demands don’t go down Marte will not be traded. The Phillies and Red Sox are making the strongest push to acquire Marte. Solomon Torres has guaged interest from the Tigers, Rockies and Yankees as of this morning. The Red Sox appear to be a long shot. The Brewers have also shown some interest as Torres could be a fall back plan if they miss out on Eric Gagne. Updated: 3:20 – The Pirates and Tigers have agreed in principle on a deal that will send Jack Wilson to Detroit but they have not finalized a possible deal that could send Solomon Torres to Detroit. Sources have revealed the Phillies and Yankees are making a late push for Damaso Marte but have not met Littlefields demands. Littlefield is asking for Alan Horne from the Yankees and since Monday morning has turned down offers from the Red Sox and Braves. Detroit remains a possibility but based on Littlefields demands, i envision Torres going to Detroit.

Sources: Wilson traded to Detroit?
The Detroit Tigers are close to finalizing a deal to acquire shortstop Jack Wilson. Tigers also have an interest in Solomon Torres. Updated 12:42 – Sources have told me, the Tigers are expected to take on most of Wilsons salary. Basically a salary dump for the Pirates. updated: 3:22 Sources out of Detroit are saying the deal has been agreed in principle but a source close to the Pirates organization says the sides are close but a deal being done by the 4:00 p.m. deadline is not a guarantee. A new rumor: I cannot confirm if this is true, but i received a email from an anonymous source who said St.Louis Cardnals inquired about Wilson last night. The source said the Cards have looked into the possibility of trading David Eckstein to the Padres but it is very unlikely they will move Eckstein…..

Dodgers inquire about Ian Snell
Sources have revealed the LA Dodgers have inquired about Pirates pitcher Ian Snell and Oakland A’s pitcher Joe Blanton. According to reports the Dodgers are in ongoing discussions with the A’s about Blanton but a source has told me the Dodgers may ignite talks with the Pirates about Snell if they fail to land Blanton. According to Ken Rosenthal the following Dodgers likely were discussed in a potential deal with the A’s. (third baseman Andy LaRoche, shortstop Chin-Lung Hu, second baseman Tony Abreu and right-handed reliever Jon Meloan) My Take: If the Dodgers fail to land Blanton, i expect them to focus on the bullpen because if the Pirates were willing to trade Snell, it would take more than what the Dodgers have offered the Oakland A’s.

Sources: Phillies making strong pitch to land Marte
According to sources, with Reliever Ryan Madson out for the season, the Phillies are making a strong pitch for Damaso Marte. Potential Suitors: 1. Phillies, 2. Red Sox, La Dodgers. Yankees are out of the Eric Gagne sweepstakes and could make a late push for Marte and Torres.

Nationals: Front runners to land Adam Dunn
A small market team acquiring a big name who is elgible for free agency? This rumor has to make Pirate fans sick, seeing a team like the Nationals willing to trade and possibly sign Adam Dunn to a long term extension. The Nationals see Dunn as the cornerstone of their franchise as they open up in a new stadium in 09.

Clint Barmes a option for Tigers
The Tigers remain interested in Jack Wilson but have also inquired about Rockies backup shortstop Clint Barmes. The Rockies have told the Tigers he is not available.

Sources: Pirates turn down offer from Mets
The Pittsburgh Pirates have turned down a potential trade that would send left fielder Jason Bay to the New York Mets for outfielder Lastings Miledge and prospect LHP Jon Niese. The Pirates are willing to listen to offers for Jason Bay but people close to Bob Nutting believe he prefers not to trade impact players like Bay until a new CEO is in place. The latest is the Mets may up their offer by the 4:00 p.m. deadline but a trade with the Mets seems more likely to happen in the off-season but anything possibile in the next 12 hours.. The Pirates are seeking a starting pitcher along with Lastings Miledge. Potential Suitors: 1. Pirates, 2. Ny Mets

Latest Pirate Rumors
Once Al Reyes, Scott Proctor, and possibly Dan Wheeler are traded we will have a better idea of where Marte, Chacon or Torres where land. I do expect atleast 1 of the three to be moved by the deadline. Marte has the best chance of the three to remain a Pirate considering the Pirates asking price. The Pirates have had talks with the Boston Red Sox about outfielder Willy Mo Pena but their interest has cooled. One player the Pirates should take a look at is Devil Rays outfielder Jonny Gomez. He is rumored to be available. The Mets, Phillies, Tigers, Indians and Rockies could all make a play for Torres, Marte or Chacon as fall back options. Keep a eye on the Mariners who missed out on Octavio Dotel and learned Monday that right-handed setu
p man Chris Reitsma will undergo season-ending elbow surgery.

Pirates looking for big return
Lefty specialist Damaso Marte has drawn considerable interest from the Red Sox, Dodgers, Phillies, and Braves. The Braves have moved on after balking at the Pirates demands. Sources have told me the Pirates are asking for a big return. The Pirates are rumored to be asking for Red Sox prospect Jacob Ellsbury which is not going to happen. Sources believe the Pirates may settle on Willy Mo Pena. Potential Suitors: 1. Boston Red Sox, 2. Pittsburgh Pirates, 3. Phillies , 4. LA Dodgers, 5. Ny Mets, 6. Braves?

Sources: Torres unlikely to be traded by 4:00 p.m. deadline if Pirates don’t lower their demands
Up to 3 teams are interested in Torres but health concerns and the Pirates asking price could hold off a Torres trade until August. If the Pirates lower their demands i envision Torres being traded. Potential Suitors: 1. Boston Red Sox, 2. Colorado Rockies, 3. Tigers, 4. Braves?

Chacon likely to be traded
According to sources, The Pirates have not held talks with reliever/starter Shaun Chacon about a possible extension which makes it very likely Chacon will be moved by the 4:00 p.m. deadline. Potential Suitors: 1. LA Dodgers, 2. Philadelphia Phillies

Braves acquire Octavio Dotel
Jayson Stark is reporting the Braves have acquired Royals Closer Octavio Dotel for Kyle Davies.

Red Sox covet Jermaine Dye
The Red Sox and White Sox continue discussions about a potential trade that would send Jermaine Dye to Boston. According to Buster Olney, the White Sox rejected a potential trade that would have sent Willy Mo Pena to Chicago. updated: 12:02 Potential Suitors: 1. Boston, 2. LA Angels, 3. Mets

Brewers, Mets and Red Sox, favorites to land Eric Gagne.

Reyes a hot commodity
According to Jayson Stark, The Devils Ray would like keep closer Al Reyes and releiver Dan Wheeler but up to four teams have inquired about Reyes. The Mets were thought to be a front runner to land Reyes but have now turned their attention to Eric Gagne and Chad Cordero. Potential Suitors: 2. Seattle Mariners, 3. Ny Yankees, 4. Cleveland Indians.

Dodgers close to trading for Scott Proctor
The Dodgers and Yankees are very close to finalizing a potential swap of pitcher Scott Proctor for infielder Wilson Betemit. Potential Suitors: LA Dodgers

Angels interested in Mike Piazza
According to the San Francisco Chronicle, the Angels look like the best trade option for Piazza, who’s hit 14-for-35 since returning from the disabled list. Potential Suitors: 1. La Angels

Astros shopping Loretta
The Seattle Mariners appear to be the front runner to land second baseman Mark Loretta according to the Seattle Times. Potential Suitors: 1. Seattle, 2. San Diego

Mike Lamb to San Diego?The Astros are actively shopping both Mark Loretta and Mike Lamb at the moment, even though they would only actually trade one or the other according to Jayson Stark. The Padres have inquired about Lamb according to reports. Potential Suitors: 1.Houston, 2. San Diego