A manager for a small market team is usually given three years before his long term status is decided. Rightfully so, in most cases thats how it should be. Pirates manager Jim Tracy has been on the job for a year in a half but many Pirate fans will agree its been long enough. I tend to agree with the three year theory in most situations but watching tonight’s game against the Colorado Rockies, i made up my mind that Tracy needs to go. I’m not even going to waste my time writing ideas why he should be fired because anyone with some baseball knowledge knows the horrid job he has done. When he was hired i said give him three years to see what he can do but its pointless to keep him around for another season. Plain and simple he is not a small market coach.

Case in point: Tonight Jose Bautista is place on the 15 dl and Jose Castillo has replaced him at third. The problem is, Castillo a true second baseman who is conformtable at 2nd while 2nd baseman Freddy Sanchez plays his best ball at 3rd. If you saw the first inning, people will know what I’m talking about. Now why wouldn’t Tracy make the switch. Heading into spring training moving Sanchez to third was a bad idea. Why have the NL batting champion switch positions when he’s obviously not comfortable playing 2nd base. It’s not like A-Rod was coming to take over at third.

Let’s not even get started about David Littlefied. He’s been on the job for five years and his time is up. Sources say there is a 0% chance he will be back next season

Other news
The Cubs have acquired former Pirate Jason Kendall.