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Insider Only Tomlin expresses regret for language in Brown video


Tomlin Addresses Brown Video

Mike Tomlin expressed great regret for his language in the Antonio Brown video.

“First the content of the video. Like to say language in video is regrettable,” Tomlin said. “This thing that is the National Football League is a precious thing. Responsibility associated of being in this thing from a role model standpoint is something I embrace,” said Tomlin. “That’s why the language in particular is regrettable. I apologize for the content of the video. As a parent, member of the community, I take that very seriously.”

Tomlin does not believe the video will be a distraction.

“I have absolutely no worries (regards to motivation for New England). We have prepared for distractions. It’s four teams working this week and 28 watching. There’s a certain intensity of being in this tournament,” said Tomlin.

Tomlin then addressed the elephant in the room, Antonio Brown.

“The last element is Antonio himself. I’ll be bluntly honest here. It was foolish, selfish and inconsiderate,” said Tomlin. “Violation of our policy [and NFL]. Consequences for him.”

“We will punish him, we won’t punish us. He’s got to grow from this. He’s a great player, a hard working player but incidents like that don’t help him in that regard,” said Tomlin.

Tomlin’s last statement on the matter was pretty much grow up or you might not be here long-term.

“That’s often why you see great players move from team to team,” Tomlin said of Brown.

More Takeaways

Tomlin on great special teams coverage vs Chiefs

“Vince Williams was often leading the charge.”

PatriotsTomlin on Patriots

“He [Tom Brady] is a great player but they are a great team. They found multiple ways to win that game [vs Texas].

“[Defense] Extremely ball aware. Guys like Malcom Butler lead the charge.

“Dynamic special teams group. Their specialists are excellent. They got quality punt returners. They average 41+ yards per punt (net-punt). They have core special teams player who are under perennial pro bowl selections. Matt Slater [special player].”

“[Dion Lewis] What a competitor, what a talent. Not surprised by anything he can do for them.”

Key Injuries

James Harrison – Shoulder, Tricep injury. will be limited in practice (Expected to Play)

Sean Davis – Shoulder, managing it in game for a couple weeks now. (Expected to Play)

Ladarius Green – Remains in concussion protocol. (Not Expected to Play)

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