Pittsburgh Steelers head coach Mike Tomlin took full responsibility for the Steelers delay of game penalty in the 4th quarter that pushed them out of field goal range.
“I accept responsibility for that, ” Tomlin said following the loss. “There was some hesitation on my part…

I was concerned about that distance. We had some changes in personnel with a new holder and under the circumstances, I didn’t want to give them the ball on that short of a field. I sent the group out there a little late.
“We ended up with a delay of game and then I made the decision to make them work the long length of the field, and ultimately that was probably the best option for us.”
Things didn’t workout for the Steelers as Joe Flacco and the Baltimore Ravens drove 92 yards, stunning the Steelers, 23-20 at Heinz Field, sweeping the season series.
“I felt good about where they were, ” Tomlin said. “We had a four point lead and our defense was on the field. As you can see, Joe Flacco and company did a nice job.