Team‚Äôs looking to unload defenseman have placed calls to the Penguins to gauge trade interest. The Penguins have their eye on one particular player. Who could that be? Plus three teams have shown “mild” interest in Ryan Stone. Could a minor trade be in the works? Read more for the latest
Updated: 11:25 a.m.

As reported yesterday in our Penguins report, the Florida Panthers, Toronto Maple Leafs and Calgary Flames have placed calls to the Penguins to gauge trade interest in defensemen they’re looking to unload. Calgary has approached the Penguins about Adrian Aucoin and Anders Eriksson. I’m told Pittsburgh will not move on either player at this point, although there is mild interest in Aucoin
Florida approached Pittsburgh to gauge interest in Jassen Cullimore. As expected the Penguins have absolutely no interest
The Leafs are looking to move defensemen Carlo Colaiacovo who the Penguins showed a lot of interest in last season. Pittsburgh is interested according to a source but not at the Leafs current asking price. According to a source the Leafs are asking for Casey Pierro-Zabotel who the Leafs have targeted since last months rookie camp. The Leafs are also looking for a mid round pick in return for Colaiacovo. The Penguins have been very high on Pierro-Zabotel so it remains to be seen whether the Penguins would have any interest in moving Zabotel for a talented but injury prone defensemen. Don’t see it happening but Colaiacovo is a player on the trade block to keep an eye on.
The Penguins will make their final cut today. Like I said earlier in the week Bissonnette will be in the lineup this weekend. Thomas has to clear waivers so he is likely a lock to make the team. Pesonen has had a strong week of practice but the smart decision is to send him down to WBS and earn top line minutes. Being a 12th/13th forward does him no good right now.
The Dispatch reports the Penguins were among a group of teams that had scouts in attendence for a recent game. D Ole Kristian-Tollefsen was a Penguins target a few seasons ago. They have done a lot of scouting on him throughout the years so I’m not sure the Penguins were in Columbus just to scout him. The Penguins are in the market for a fourth line center. The Jackets are looking to move Manny Maholtra but the Penguins aren’t interested in his salary. I wouldn’t look too much into the Penguins scouting the Jackets last night but the Jackets have shown mild interest in Ryan Stone. Something could be brewing but right now info is sketchy.