Tiger Woods captured his 11th major and this one along with his first the 97 Masters was his sweetest. Tiger missed the cut at the U.S. Open following his fathers death but from day 1 he was determined at the British Open to win this one for his Pops. Tiger showed his dominance throughout the weekend but Saturday’s outing i was most impressed with his game. Sergio Garcia and a few others stormed the leader board and was on Tigers heels the whole day. Tiger never panicked and made great shot after great shot but his composure was significant. He never gets rattled despite shooting only 1 under par he still had a one stroke leading heading into Sunday. When Tiger has a one stroke lead going into the final day they might as well say it’s a 10 stroke lead. The intimidation factor is so vital and that alone is the reason why Tiger captured his 11th major. Tiger is the most dominant athlete of my life time and now he has even more motivation to reach his goal of winning 18 majors. Plain and simple: Earl Woods

Pirates trounced by the Brewers 12-8.

Zach Duke was awful having his worst outing of his career surrendering 8 runs in just 2 innings. Duke last season was 8-2 with a 1.82 era but the national league has figured him out. He doesn’t have over powering stuff but was effective last season with his sinker and off speed pitches. Duke is getting himself into to many 2-0 holes and hitters are feasting on his mediocre fast ball. Duke is a young pitcher who needs some guidence and he’s not going to get it from Jim tracy or pitching coach Jimmy Coulbourn so if he wants to get out of this funk; he’s on his own. The Pirates need to make a decision on Oliver Perez very soon. I don’t see the point of him in the minors because there most likely going to trade Perez in the off season but he has no value pitching in the minors. Texas and the Yankees have interest per ESPN Insider…..

Rumors: Closer Mike Gonzalez is drawling interest from the Giants and Dodgers
Craig Wilson could be a Detroit Tiger by the trade deadline if the Tigers miss out on the sweepstakes for Alfonso Soriano.
Reliever Roberto Hernandez is getting interest from the Yankees and Braves

NFL report

The addition of Ty Law upgrades the Kansas City Chiefs defense drastically but will the addition of Ty Law be enough to make them a serious threat to upend the Steelers in the AFC. Law alone doesn’t but the Chiefs are going to be a scary team in the AFC. Both are past their prime but cornerbacks Ty Law and Patrick Surtain will be the best one-two punch on the corners. The Chiefs are one of those teams with a explosive offense and terrible defense. The defense now has the potential to be average and that’s all the Chiefs need their defense to be. Ty Law is going to have a great impact and the Chiefs now have playmakers on both sides of the ball but until their front seven shows enough improvement the Chiefs can not be recognized as a super bowl contender just yet.

When i hear Bill Cowher talk about the Steelers current running back situation, i get the feeling he doesn’t have to much faith in Duce Staley. When asked questions about replacing Jerome in goal line and short yardage situations he goes out of his way to mention Veron Haynes more often than Duce and it sounds like Veron is #2 on the depth chart not Duce. There is also word that the Steelers are going to change their defensive strategy a bit by dropping Joey Porter back in coverage more often due to the loss of Chris Hope.

Two Coaches on the hot seat heading into Training camp:
Jeff Fisher – Tennesee
Andy Reid – Eagles