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Insider Only Tuesday’s Steelers Buzz: Porter to return as LB’ coach? Tomlin takes blame for playcall

Tuesday’s Steelers Buzz

— Steelers coach Mike Tomlin took responsibility for Ben Roethlisberger injuring his foot that Tomlin doesn’t expect to be an issue vs the Chiefs.

“I take responsibility for throwing on third down,” Tomlin said. “I got a little overaggressive there,” Tomlin said.

— Roethlisberger will take his usual Wednesday practice off. Tomlin said the foot “shouldn’t be an issue” to practice on Thursday and Friday.

— One big edge the Chiefs have on the Steelers is special teams: “We have not been special in special teams,” Tomlin said of his group. Tomlin hinted the Steelers won’t directional kick away from Tyreek Hill as Chris Boswell struggles with those.

Joey Porter to coach vs the Chiefs? Tomlin isn’t ruling it out.

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