Kovalev doesn’t take a parting shot at the Penguins


Alex Kovalev did not have a great end to his Penguins career getting benched in the third period of Game 7 against the Tampa Bay Lightning and not being called upon for a game ending 6-on-4. While Kovalev was not happy with how he was used, he did take the high road in a recent interview, not taking a parting shot at the Penguins like he did with others.

As playoffs inch closer, Bylsma looking for Letestu-Kovalev to hit their stride together


DePaoli’s Latest Pens Buzz Dan Bylsma not only believes that the return of Mark Letestu will be a boost for the Penguins in the face-off circle but Bylsma also see’s Letestu as the best fit for Alex Kovalev. “I think the best player on our roster to gel with Kovalev is Mark Letestu, ” Bylsma said today. “It’s a bit on how he supports the puck…