2009 NFL Draft Rankings: C


1st rankings 9/17/08 CENTERS 1) Alex Mack- California, Sr- Legit first rounder. (6-4 316 lbs) I don‚Äôt see a way he gets past the Steelers. 2) Jonathan Luigs-Arkansas, Sr- (6-4 314 lbs) Luigs had Felix Jones and Darren McFadden last year to make him look like the best center in the country. Well he should have left Arkansas with them because there is no way he is passing Alex Mack. 3) Max Unger-Oregon, Sr- (6-5 300 lbs) Unger is a very athletic and intelligent player. 4) Antoine Caldwell- Alabama, Sr- (6-3 293 lbs) Caldwell has had some character issues but they were very minor. He should still get drafted in the first 5 rounds come April. 5) Ryan McDonald- Illinois, Sr- (6-5 296 lbs) He has good size and mobility, but some of his accomplishments could be attributed to Juice Williams‚Äô mobility. If you have any questions or comments feelRead More »