CBA Buzz: League takes away any leverage players thought they might have had regarding the Winter Classic


The National Hockey League officially cancelled the Winter Classic this afternoon and while the league was reaching the point where they were going to have to cancel the game in the next two – three weeks due to sponsors and all parties involved, the NHL cancelled it earlier than they had to for the sole purpose of gaining more bargaining leverage in the process. The cancellation, according to sources, was made this week in the hopes of getting the NHLPA serious in negotiations (about the NHL’s offer). With the players constantly trying to find leverage that they don’t have, the league has long believed that Fehr and the players had made the determination weeks ago that the Winter Classic meant so much to the league that there was still a small time period this month where the league was likely to cave on some core issues. That is now outRead More »

CBA Buzz: Players will cave at the end of the day on HRR but likely not for a few months


CBA BUZZ Tick Tock, Tick Tock…….The CBA expires in just two days and the NHL remains headed towards a second work stoppage in seven years and a fourth work stoppage in the last 20 years. As both sides exchanged proposals on Wednesday, the fact that they’re still negotiating off of different proposals clearly shows that the two sides are worlds apart. Aside from the core economic issue of hockey related revenue, the two sides have also yet to find common ground on free agency, contract length or entry level contracts. The league has been looking to make free agency go from 27 years old to 31, implement a contract length of five years and expand entry level contracts from three to five years. The players like how things are. As the clock is ticking the NHL on Wednesday looked to put the full court press on the players with commissioner GaryRead More »