The Blueline Report: $19 million salary cap gap between NHL and NHLPA proposal


As Don Fehr and Gary Bettman resume negotiations this week, the rhetoric between the two sides has been interesting but not surprising with Bettman touting the revenue sharing plans in the NFL and NBA, while Don Fehr has spoken pretty highly of baseball’s revenue sharing system as he has been touting baseball’s model quite frequently in the past week. Just how far apart are the two sides can be looked at the $19 million gap each proposal has for the salary cap in 2012-2013. Under the NHL’s proposal, the salary cap would drop to $50.8 million next season (Numbers via Canadian Press), and would be roughly $20 million less than the summer cap of $70.2 million, while the NHLPA’s proposal would have the salary cap at just north of $69 million and would increase in 2013-2014 and 2014-2015. The NHLPA’s proposal falls right in line with the tentative cap in placeRead More »

Crosby among big name players in today’s CBA Negotiations where NHLPA will make “alternative view” proposal


CBA NEGOTIATIONS Photo Credit: @NHLPA The big names are in attendance for today’s CBA negotiations where the NHLPA will be presenting their first proposal after dissecting the NHL’s proposal for nearly a month and coming away with pretty much nothing they liked. Don Fehr is calling today’s proposal not a “counter proposal” but an “alternative view”. The CBA expires on September 15th and commissioner Gary Bettman said last week the league intends to lockout the players if a new CBA is not struck, saying the league has no plans to play next season under the current CBA which legally could be extended. With the two sides still needing to work out a number of complex economic issues and differences in such a short span, a lockout is believed to be a near certainty. The NHL’s proposal last month called for lowering the players revenue share from 57% to 46%, includingRead More »