Perrotto: With sixth best record in National League, Huntington finding it difficult to improve club via trade through waivers


By John Perrotto Neal Huntington isn’t as much frustrated as he is somewhat amused. The Pirates have continued to look to trade for players to bolster their roster since the non-waiver trading deadline passed on July 31. However, the problem is that many of the players the Pirates had interest in never made it to them on waivers. “We’ve never been in that position before (in his nearly five years as GM), where there were so many teams in front of us in the claiming order,” Huntington said. “I guess you could say it’s the one downside to winning but I would be glad to be in this position every year.” Considering the Pirates have the sixth-best record in the 16-team National League, there have been plenty of teams ahead of them who have been able to claim players. MLB tries to make the waiver process ultra secretive and HuntingtonRead More »