MLB: Braves, Rockies eyeing Capps?

Pirates eyeing Rockies short-stop prospect? The Pirates are prepared to shop closer Matt Capps around the league this winter and the Atlanta Braves are already getting mentioned as a potential suitor.

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The Daniel Cabrera sweepstakes came down to the Pirates, Mets and Nationals. The Pirates and Mets made offers that were very competitive to the Nationals offer (1yr Р$2.6 million). Geography played a factor in Cabrera signing with the Nationals. The Mets not the Pirates were Cabrera’s second choice.

MLB: Blue Jays to pursue Jack Wilson?

11/13/08 Blue Jays to pursue Greene and Wilson? The Toronto Blue Jays are expected to be active in the free agent and trade market. Adding a veteran shortstop is one of their top priorities. Sources tell Inside Pittsburgh Sports, Pirates shortstop Jack Wilson is on the Blue Jays radar. The Pirates are looking for a two-for-1 swap in return for