Around the NFL: Ravens can’t handle Success


Around the NFL Ravens stumble in Seattle: Just a week after giving their coach a Gatorade bath and celebrating like they were headed to the Super Bowl, the Ravens today once again showed they can’t handle success. Baltimore (6-3) stumbled in Seattle (3-6), losing 22-17, against a 2-6 team at the time with no offensive attack. Joe Flacco threw 52 times, posting a 67.4 QB rating and averaged just 4.9 yards per pass. A week after torching the Steelers on third downs, Baltimore was 5 of 12 on third downs. The Ravens are now 6-3 in an AFC North division and there is still a ton of football left. Baltimore falls a game behind 7-3 Pittsburgh and host the 6-3 Bengals next week. Cleveland fell to 3-6 on the season and won’t be a factor in the AFC North. Texans the best team in the AFC?: The Houston Texans (7-3) suddenlyRead More »

Things shaping up where Bill Cowher likely won’t have any viable options in 2011


Former Pittsburgh Steelers coach Bill Cowher has expressed a strong desire to return to coaching in 2011 but the issue for Cowher is that there likely won’t be any viable options out there for him. Cowher is seeking the right situation, top dollar and total control. In reality, those kind of options just aren’t out there as teams are exploring cheaper options and going the assistant coach or college route. It was reported last week that the three teams on Cowher’s wislist are the New York Giants, Houston Texans and Miami Dolphins. The Giants are bringing back Tom Coughlin taking them out of the running and the Texans are bringing back Gary Kubiak. Houston had been the team mentioned most prominently in Cowher’s inner circle.

NFL: Lewis wants to join Cowboys


According to Cowboys linebacker DeMarcus Ware, Ray Lewis said it’s his “dream” to play in Dallas and repeatedly expressed his desire to sign there. “When we played Ray Lewis and Baltimore at the end of the season, he came over and pointed to my helmet. He said: ‘I want to wear this star on my helmet. That’s my dream … that’s my dream,’” Ware told the Cowboys’ official Web site. “When we got to the Pro Bowl, he did it again. He came at me every day. He’s trying to get down where the star is. He told me he needed me to get him [owner] Jerry Jones’ phone number for him. I just busted out laughing.” If the Ravens cannot reach a new contract with Lewis in four days, he will become a free agent for the first time in his 13-year career. While Lewis might be targeting Dallas,Read More »

Tomlin pushing for turf at Heinz Field?


Steelers defense could be even better on turf? I think the speed of the Pittsburgh defense is amazing, and playing on Field Turf only enhances it. Given how fast the Steelers played, Coach Mike Tomlin is probably telling Dan Rooney to consider putting it down in Heinz Field. — National Football Post Steelers 49-20-1 at home this decade The Pittsburgh Steelers are one of the NFL’s best home teams this decade with a 49-20-1 record. That includes a 13-3-1 mark against NFC teams at Heinz Field. The Cowboys won in their last two visits to Pittsburgh, but those games were played in the 1990s at Three Rivers Stadium. — Dallas Morning News Photo courtesy of SteelCityHobbies

Week 4 Recap


Cleveland 20 ‚Äì Cincinnati 12 There was disarray on the Browns sidelines and Derek Anderson was not very good but he saved his job for at least one more week. The one bright spot for the Bengals is the play of 1st round pick Keith Rivers Tampa Bay 30 ‚Äì Green Bay 21 Emotional game for Buccaneers kicker Matt Bryant who had to bury his infant child on Saturday. What a great performance by Bryant (3 Field Goals) under the circumstances. Hard to put this in perspective. It was great to see the Buccaneers being able to honor Bryant‚Äôs son with a Win. Kansas City 33 ‚Äì Denver 19 Biggest upset of the day. Denver (3-1) has major issues on defense. Larry Johnson rushed for 198 yards and 2TD‚Äôs. The Chiefs snapped a 12 game losing streak Tennessee 30 ‚Äì Minnesota 17 The Titans move to 4-0. The Titans areRead More »

Cowboys – Eagles Preview


Tonight‚Äôs Monday night matchup between the Dallas Cowboys and Philadelphia is by far the NFL’s marquee game through the first two weeks of the season that features two of the games top quarterbacks. Both teams are coming off of impressive wins. The Cowboys defeated a talented Cleveland Browns team 28-7 and the Eagles beat the lowly St. Louis Rams 38 ‚Äì 3. The Dallas Cowboys are the most talented team in football. They have weapons at every skilled position and boast a offensive line that is among the best in the National Football League. The key for the Cowboys will be neutralizing the Eagles front seven on blitzing situations. Cowboys quarterback Tony Romo has struggled against Jim Johnson’s blitzing scheme in the past and the Eagles will be bringing defenders from all over tonight. They will look to force Romo to get rid of the ball early to limit theRead More »