Saturday’s NFL Draft Buzz


Family members of LeSean McCoy made it known this week that he would declare for the NFL draft. On Friday he had an emotional meeting with the coaching staff and now he won’t make a decision until next week. Guaranteed dollars is the big thing in the NFL. There is a major difference between a late first rounder and early second round pick. The last pick in the first round in the 2008 draft was Kenny Phillips. His signing bonus was about

Penn State’s Derek Williams jumps up to #7


2009 NFL Draft Rankings: WIDE RECEIVERS 1. Michael Crabtree- Texas Tech, Eligible Soph- Crabtree has all of the skills necessary to be a top 5 pick. The only thing holding him back is that he plays at Texas Tech. Some are going to attribute his accomplishments to the offense he plays in but let me assure you that this guy is the real deal. 2. Darrius Heyward-Bey- Maryland, Jr- I am a huge believer in Darrius. He is a phenomenal athlete and he has solid size. If he played with a better quarterback I have no doubts that he would be tied with Crabtree right now. Even playing for Maryland I still think he should be an early to mid 1st rounder 3. Jeremy Maclin- Missouri, Eligible Soph- Maclin has had a great season and I would be surprised if he didn‚Äôt leave for the draft this season. He hasRead More »

NFL Draft: Georgia’s Stafford comes in at #1


11/28/08 — 2009 NFL Draft QUARTERBACK Rankings 1. Matthew Stafford- Georgia, Jr- Stafford remains in the number one slot, barely ahead of Sam Bradford. He has increased his passing yards and rating this season. More importantly though, his completion percentage has gone up over 5 points from last season, showing definite improvement in his weakest area. 2. Sam Bradford- Oklahoma, Eligible Soph- Bradford was red shirted which is why he is eligible for the 2009 NFL draft. He has proven this season that last was no fluke. He has improved in almost every area and has also improved his arm strength. He looks to be a sure first round pick if he declares for the draft. 3. Tim Tebow, Florida- Jr- Tebow‚Äôs stock continues to drop to the number three slot. He hasn‚Äôt had quite the marvelous season he had last season but he still shows the skills necessary toRead More »

2009 NFL Draft Rankings: QB


The 2008 College Football season is off and running and it’s time to look forward to the 2009 NFL draft. Be sure to check in every week for my updated position rankings. Updated NFL Mock drafts will be viewable in the next couple months. First up quarterbacks Free Preview QUARTERBACKS 1) Tim Tebow, Florida- Jr-(6-3 240lbs) Tebow can do it all. He can run but he isn‚Äôt afraid to pass. There are some who question his ability to be an effective passer in the NFL, but his work ethic and ability to adjust to defenses keeps him at the top of my rankings. 2) Matthew Stafford- Georgia, Jr-(6-3 237lbs)Stafford could easily pass up Tebow by the end of the season. He is a better passer and more of the typical NFL quarterback. The one thing holding him back is his accuracy. If Stafford can cut back on his interceptions, lookRead More »