Trade Watch: Sanchez in 0-for-20 slump


Pittsburgh Pirates second baseman Freddy Sanchez went 0-for-4 in Sunday’s 9-0 loss against the Arizona Diamondbacks to end the four-game stand hitless. Sanchez went 0-for-12, with seven strikeouts in the series as his batting average has dropped to .296 and below .300 for the first time since May. For the Pirates who are listening to offers for Sanchez, the 0-for-20 slump that Sanchez is in couldn’t be coming at a worst possible time. The Pirates remain “somewhat” engaged in trade talks with the Chicago Cubs, San Francisco Giants and Minnesota Twins about Sanchez. The Twins efforts are currently with Orlando Cabrera but as we mentioned last week, the Twins haven’t closed the door on acquiring Sanchez. The Twins scouted Sunday afternoon’s game. The Seattle Mariners interest has been off and on and they are looking to nab a Pirates starting pitcher in any deal for Sanchez. Has there been aRead More »

Can’t fault fans for thinking offer to Sanchez is a “PR” move


After “pushing hard” to trade Freddy Sanchez early this month, the Pirates have publically changed their stance and have indicated they are making an attempt to re-sign second baseman Freddy Sanchez and shortstop Jack Wilson. On pace for a 71-91 season, which would become their 17 straight losing season, the Pirates are a public relations nightmare. The timing to go public about re-signing Sanchez and Wilson is odd as the trade deadline is less than three weeks away and both players have been actively shopped for months. If they wanted to make a strong attempt to re-sign both players, why not start working on an extension in June instead of mid-July and why go public with their intentions right before the July 31st trade deadline? Yes, the market for Sanchez has died down a bit as interest from Colorado, Tampa Bay and Minnesota has cooled but when it comes toRead More »

MLB: Report: Pirates offer Sanchez, Wilson extensions


The Pittsburgh Post-Gazette reports, the Pittsburgh Pirates have offered Freddy Sanchez and Jack Wilson multi-year extensions. Both players have been actively shopped but with no market for Wilson out there and no immediate player to step in, the Pirates are interested in signing Wilson (Current Salary: $7.4 million) to a muti-year deal at a lower salary than what he is making now. According to the report, both players may be a packaged signing as Wilson, Sanchez are close friends. The Pirates appear to be more interested in signing Sanchez now than they were a month ago because potential trade partners are not big fans of

Pirates trade winds heating up


Mariners, Rangers become potential trade partners By John Perrotto – Marc DelPiano, special assistant to Pirates general manager Neal Huntington, created a minor stir Thursday night when he showed up at Safeco Field in Seattle for the opener of a four-game series between the Mariners and Texas Rangers. Both teams are potential trade partners as the Mariners are again interested in trading for Pirates second baseman Freddy Sanchez and shortstop Jack Wilson. The Rangers, meanwhile, would like to trade for one of the Pirates’ left-handed starting pitchers, Zach Duke or Paul Maholm. The Mariners, though, seem like a more logical match for the Pirates.

The Latest Pirates Buzz: Pirates covet Rockies prospect Eric Young Jr


Figure on the Pirates being in the center of many trade rumors between now and the end of August. General manager Neal Huntington has already pulled the trigger on two big trades this season, sending Nate McLouth to Atlanta for right-hander Charlie Morton and two minor-leaguers then dealing left fielder Nyjer Morgan and left-handed reliever Sean Burnett to Washington for right-handed reliever Joel Hanrahan and outfield prospect Lastings Milledge. Huntington has made it clear to other GMs around the major leagues that he is not done dealing and is willing to listen on any and all of his players as he continues trying to rebuild a franchise that has gone through 16 straight losing seasons. The Colorado Rockies, making a big push for the National League wild card, is interested in trading for Pirates second baseman Freddy Sanchez. The Pirates love Class AAA Colorado Springs second baseman

Cubs, Twins, Giants among teams in pursuit of Freddy Sanchez


With the MLB trade deadline 24 days away, the Pirates are open to offers for All-Star second baseman Freddy Sanchez who is less than 271 atbats from receiving an $8 million option for the 2010 season. The two teams in strongest pursuit of Sanchez are the Minnesota Twins and San Francisco Giants. The Pirates have held a number of discussions with both teams but the team to watch are the Chicago Cubs. With the Cubs ownership sale almost finalized, the Cubs are now in position to move on Sanchez. The prospect the Pirates have their eye on in the Cubs organization is pitcher

Pirates Weekly Report: Huntington starting to develop a plan for the future?


5/31 – 6/7 (Record: 3-4) The Trade of Nate McLouth showed Pirates fans and Major League Baseball that Pirates GM Neal Huntington is a risk taker. The trade sent shockwaves through the Pirates fan base and the reception of the trade has been aboout 90% negative. Huntington knew the trade of McLouth wouldn’t go over easy with fans but whether you agree with the trade or not, at least Huntington is starting to develop a model of how he wants to construct his team in the future. Buster Olney reported this week that he heard the Pirates were concerned about Nate McLouth’s defensive abilities, so they moved him now before his trade value diminished. Based on Neal Huntington’s comments that appears to be the truth and despite winning a gold glove in 2008, many scouts felt McLouth was the most over-rated center fielder (defensively) in the game. Looking to acquireRead More »