Week 7 showdown with the 6-0 Vikings a statement game for the Steelers


Steelers being overlooked? Starting the season 1-2 after two 4th quarter meltdowns, Pittsburgh is now winners of three straight, although the combined record for their last three opponents is 4-12. But in the NFL, a win is a win;  just ask the Philadelphia Eagles or the Washington Redskins. So called NFL experts make the same mistakes year after year in making early assumptions. Just a few weeks ago, analysts were ready to pencil in the New York Jets and the Baltimore Ravens in the AFC Championship game. Both teams are now 3-3, with the Jets having a rookie quarterback who has struggled mightily and the Ravens secondary an absolute nightmare. Neither can be considered a Super Bowl contender. In listening to the pre-game shows this Sunday, you also would have thought the Cincinnati Bengals had already won the AFC North. With all due respect to the 5-0 Denver Broncos, the top twoRead More »