NHL: Therrien hits the airwaves


Michel Therrien spoke to Stan and Guy on ESPNRadio1250 this morning regarding the sudden coaching change the Penguins made. Therrien spoke very highly of the team and says he’s looking forward to having quality time with his kids who were also “apart of this”. Therrien on getting fired ‚ÄúTough to swallow, will always have great memories, doesn‚Äôt‚Äô have any hard feelings.‚Äù Will remain in Pittsburgh for the time being. Still tough to swallow‚Äù Therrien on the teams focus heading into this season Therrien tried to concentrate on having a good start after the bad news of losing Ryan Whitney and Sergei Gonchar to injuries. Got the great start he wanted but the reality is the team got hurt, lost a lot of players ‚ÄúCalls losing Marc Andre Fleury, the teams biggest lost that affected the team‚Äôs quick start‚Äù The last three weeks he felt the team was turning the cornerRead More »

Around The NHL


Photo Courtesy of South Central The most glaring thing of the Penguins 3-2 shootout loss against the Islanders Monday afternoon is playing in front of their new coach for the first time they couldn‚Äôt come up with enough of a adrenaline rush to beat the worst team in the league. Personnel wise this team is flawed. There is no way around it. I am all about the Penguins moving to a more up-tempo system but all Dan Bylsma will be is a fresh face. Until the roster is upgraded where the Penguins can be effective playing a up-tempo system, were not going to see much improvement. Sidney Crosby is clearly frustrated and he is just doesn‚Äôt seem like himself lately. The losing seems to be getting to him and it appears he is frustrated with the lack of help on his wings. Shero has to bring in somebody to elevateRead More »

The Latest Steelers Buzz: Steelers to open up talks with Heath Miller in March


Free Agency begins on February 27th The Steelers have been involved in contract talks with James Harrison for about 7 days now. Reports indicate Harrison‚Äôs agent will meet with the Steelers at the combine. Talks with Heath Miller will begin in March once the Steelers priorities in free agency are taking care of. Miller is just as much of a priority for the Steelers as anyone. They have no intention of him entering 09 without a long-term extension. Jason Witten received a $6 year – $28 million contract a few seasons ago. Miller doesn‚Äôt put up the numbers Witten does but is regarded as the most complete tight end in the game. Here‚Äôs some new stuff on Nate Washington, Bryant McFadden and Penn State’s Derek Williams Steelers to meet with Drew Rosenhaus the agent for Bryant McFadden this week.

Spring Training Report: Pirates avoid arbitration with McLouth


Updated: 8:02 a.m. The Pirates have signed outfielder Nate McLouth to a three year contract, avoiding arbitration. Last season, McLouth hit .276 with 26 home runs and 94 RBI. The Pirates have made an offer to lefty reliever Will Ohman according to Jerry Crasnik of ESPN. Crasnik writes “Ohman, 31, one of the top relievers left on baseball’s free agent market, has major league offers in hand from the Pittsburgh Pirates, Florida Marlins and San Diego Padres but plans to continue discussions with three contending teams before making a decision on his destination for 2009, his agent said Monday.” The Pirates offer is believed to be in the $1.1 million range. The Pirates also remain interested in starting pitcher Pedro Martinez. The Pirates are expected to keep a close eye on Martinez during the WBC and may make an official offer after the Classic is over. The Mets have shutRead More »

The Latest Penguins Buzz


Interim head coach Dan Bylsma has indicated he will implement a more uptempo system and wants the Penguins to be much more aggressive than they were under Michel Therrien. Do the Penguins have personnel to play a uptempo system? That is up for debate. On the backend they have three offensive defensemen in Kris Letang, Sergei Gonchar and Ryan Whitney. Bylsma wants more pinching from all defensemen and for his offensive defensemen to jump up into the play to create offense. He doesn’t want the Penguins sitting back anymore, he wants them to initiate the play. As the trade deadline is approaching the Penguins are engaged with a number of teams and they are seeking speed upfront. Two things that did Michel Therrien in was his inability to adapt and change his ways. I‚Äôve been told that Ray Shero has been stressing for the Penguins to run a more uptempoRead More »

Steelers Team Chart


Insider Chart on the latest player news, injury reports, practice updates, rumors Rumor Front ¬†Steelers to meet with Harrisons agent at the combine The Pittsburgh Steelers initiated talks with James¬†Harrison’s representatives¬†and the two sides are expected to meet at the combine according to the Tribune-Review. Harrison is believed to be seeking¬†$20 million in guarantees.¬† Steelers haven’t ruled out re-signing Marvel Smith The Pittsburgh Steelers have not ruled out re-signing left tackle Marvel Smith. Smith, 30, missed the Steelers final 13 games after having a second back surgery. Steelers are interested in a deal slightly above the league minimum with a lot of incentives.¬† Rosenhaus to meet with Steelers at the combine The Steelers are expected to meet with Bryant McFadden’s agent Drew Rosenhaus at the scouting combine this week. The two sides have yet to begin discussions on a long-term contract. Free agency begins on February 27th. Steelers to offerRead More »

Conference Call with Ray Shero and Interim Head Coach Dan Bylsma


Live Updates from the Conference Call Dave Molinari: Ray, Why did you decide a change was in order today? Ray Shero: Shero indicated he watched for significant weeks and just didn’t like the direction the team was going. That is why change was made DM: Did the Outcome of last night’s game have any decision on firing Therrien? RS: “It wasn’t so much the outcome as the way the game was played,” but it was the direction they were going. Quite Frankly he didn’t like the direction of the team. Shero met Therrien around 6:30 and told him that he was making a change DM: Why did you pick Bylsma?

Sunday’s Practice Report: Lineup changes coming for Monday’s game


The Penguins just concluded their practice around 3:00 p.m. in New York. As expected the mood wasn’t very good after the team’s performance last night. As I mentioned on Thursday the plan this week was for Mathieu Garon to start in goal against the Islanders. Based on practice today that still appears to be the plan. Don’t look into it that the team is benching Marc Andre Fleury for giving up 6 goals Saturday night. My source tells me there will be one lineup change (not counting Garon) and possibly two against the Islanders tomorrow afternoon.