Potential Camp Invites: O’Sullivan’s drive to play in the NHL coming into question


When the calendar hits September and training camps inch closer to opening up, agents of players who are struggling to find work all of a sudden become open to accepting camp invites. The 2010 free agency period has been a unique year and plenty of established veterans are prime candidates for camp invites. Just to name a few, veteran forwards Brendan Morrison, Jeff Halpern and Mike Comrie are some of the top names who have no firm offers on the table and will begin considering camp invites if an opportunity doesn’t open up in the next 10-14 days. As one agent who represents a 10 year veteran told me last week; “League seems to be caught between capped out and using the one-way money already spent and ELS players who were top draft picks, the agent said. “Looks like the scramble will occur in September with late camps and whenRead More »