Analysis: Breaking down Joel Hanrahan trade & why Arguments from both sides are valid


ANALYSIS OF THE JOEL HANRAHAN DEAL Argument No. 1: Why this trade can be viewed as a good trade for the Pirates At a time when Joel Hanrahan still had two years of control, Pirates GM Neal Huntington knows that he missed the best chance to get the highest value for Hanrahan last off-season when Hanrahan was coming off a tremendous 2011 campaign, posting a 1.83 ERA, 40 saves and a 61/16 strike to walk ratio. A year later Huntington entered trade talks this off-season with a now 31 year old closer who had just 1 year of control and set to make $6-$7 million due to the arbitration process. To complicate matters for the Pirates, Hanrahan in 2012 had a drop off from 2011, posting a 2.72 ERA and giving up 8 homers (allowed just 1 homer in 2011) in 59 2/3 innings. Hanrahan’s homers per nine jumped fromRead More »

Scouting Report on Red Sox OF Jerry Sands rumored to a part of Hanrahan trade


The Pirates are working on finalizing a deal with the Boston Red Sox that will have three to four players coming their way in exchange for Joel Hanrahan. One player rumored to be a part of the deal is power hitting OF Jerry Sands who was traded from LA to Boston in the Dodgers-Redsox blockbuster trade this past summer. The 6-foot-4, 225 outfielder is regarded as being MLB ready for 2013 and here’s some buzz on him:

Pirates working on finalizing deal that will send Joel Hanrahan to Red Sox


HANRAHAN ON THE MOVE Joel Hanrahan’s tenure as a Pittsburgh Pirate is coming to an end. After failed trade talks with the Detroit Tigers last week and now failed talks with the Los Angeles Dodgers, the Pirates have focused their attention on finalizing a deal with the Boston Red Sox that is expected to have “multiple” players coming the Pirates way.

MLB: With Tigers deciding against pursuing Hanrahan, Pirates targeting young shortstops from BOS & LAD?


LATEST JOEL HANRAHAN RUMORS After being involved in preliminary talks with the Pirates at the Winter Meetings about a possible Joel Hanrahan – Rick Porcello trade, the Detroit Tigers decided late last week against pursuing Hanrahan, leading to the Pirates to aggressively turn their attention to Francisco Liriano who they have agreed to a 2 year, $14 million contract with pending a physical. Taking on Liriano’s salary, Pirates management remains determined to move closer Joel Hanrahan.

Winter Meetings Buzz: Pirates would love to get Nationals involved in talks about Hanrahan, source says


WINTER MEETINGS BUZZ Some buzz inside Pirates circles this afternoon is that the team likely leaves the Winter Meetings in Nashville later this week with closer Joel Hanrahan still on the roster but not because the Pirates are looking to keep him. The team has discussed Hanrahan with interested teams in recent weeks with the LA Dodgers emerging as a possible suitor but sources indicate right now that the market is not particular strong for Hanrahan. However, things change rapidly at the meetings and the Pirates asking price is not high by any means as GM Neal Huntington is seeking two Major League pieces in return for Hanrahan. Some around the league believe the Pirates are determined to move Hanrahan soon to get out of his likely $7 million a year salary and look to resign Jason Grilli to a 2 year deal, which we mentioned last week. Huntington and Grilli’sRead More »

Perrotto’s Weekly Pirates Report: Belt, Trumbo, Moore among three potential trade targets


WEEKLY PIRATES REPORT By John Perrotto *Analysis, Rumblings & musings* When Milo Hamilton was broadcasting Pirates’ games in the last 1970s, he used to give the “happy, happy totals” after each victory. The Pirates’ offensive totals haven’t been very happy. Though the Pirates are coming off back-to-back wins for the first time this season and have won three of their last four games entering the opener of a three-game series with the defending World Series champion St. Louis Cardinals on Friday night at PNC Park, their hitting has been awful. The Pirates have scored just 26 runs in 12 games. Their average of 2.17 runs a game is the worst in the major leagues. The Pirates’ .252 on-base percentage and .287 slugging percentage are also last. Finding help from outside the organization at this time of the year is difficult. Teams have played just a dozen or so game andRead More »

Pirates decision to cut ties with reliever Matt Capps not a surprise


The word “surprising” kept coming up in news reports of the Pirates failing to tender closer Matt Capps a contract by the midnight Saturday deadline, allowing him to become a free agent. However, it really wasn’t a surprise. The Pirates shopped Capps aggressively at the winter meetings last week in Indianapolis and there were clear signs they would cut him loose if he did not agree to a contract on their terms. While general manager Neal Huntington had said in September and again in December that he planned to tender Capps, he never said so definitively and always left a hint of doubt in his words. Huntington is firmly part of the new wave of general managers who take into account statistical analysis as much as they do scouting in making decisions. One of the tenets of the sabermetricians is to never to overpay for a reliever because you rarelyRead More »