Latest Penguins Buzz: Two bigger needs emerging for Penguins than a scoring winger


LATEST PENGUINS BUZZ Are people out of touch who feel the Penguins biggest need is a scoring winger for Evgeni Malkin? “Scoring is not the issue with that hockey club,” an NHL scout said. I polled six evaluators on Thursday and Friday of what the Penguins biggest needs are leading up to the April 3rd trade deadline with the question ranging from a third line forward with size/grit to make the Penguins tougher to play against, top-4 defenseman or a scoring winger. Three said a third line forward, two said a top-4 defenseman and one said a scoring winger. The Penguins needing to be tougher to play against is becoming an increasing concern for this team. From the players to the coaching staff, the Penguins are built on quick transition and pushing the play the other way. What they lack is that big imposing line that can wear teams down.Read More »