Tomlin takes a page out of Cowher’s playbook at Tuesday’s PC


Mike Tomlin’s press conferences aren’t as much fun as Bill Cowher’s pressers used to be. Tomlin somehow manages to say even less than Cowher did. Tomlin never takes a public stance on a league issue. Tomlin’s hair never goes up on the back of neck in regards to another coach’s comments. Tomlin is never going to fly off the handle, spit, point, jaw jut, stare and get mad like Cowher used to do. His grammar is better. And so are his sweaters. Most days. So those Tuesday press gatherings at the UPMC facility on the Southside are even more laborious than they used to be. But at least they are shorter. Tomlin doesn’t have the same affinity for delivering messages through the media to his players, fans, and opponents that his predecessor used to have. So, those peppy, old school football rah-rah speeches Cowher used to spout out are nowRead More »