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Steelers are Super Bowl Favorites Going into the 2008 season the Steelers had the NFL‚Äôs toughest schedule and many NFL experts thought the Steelers may struggle to get 9 wins. The Steelers finished the regular season 12-4 and now they are in a unique opportunity as the favorites to win the Super Bowl. The Steelers odds are currently 9-5 to win the Super Bowl. The Eagles are second with odds of 2-1. It is often said that winning one playoff game makes it a successful season for a NFL franchise. For the Steelers, a loss to the Ravens makes this season a failure. The Steelers are early 6 point favorites playing at home and they need to seize the opportunity. Suggs will likely be a game time decision Terrell Suggs has said he won’t miss Sunday’s AFC championship game, but Ravens coach John Harbaugh wasn’t as optimistic. According to theRead More »