NFL: Patrick Robinson met with Steeler coaches Sunday night, visit will continue Monday morning


View image | STEELERS FREE AGENCY BUZZ If you’re a free agent at a need position who can be signed at a reasonable price and has a first round pedigree, Steelers head coach Mike Tomlin is often interested. Tomlin is drawn to players with a first round pedigree and it’s no surprise that cornerback Patrick Robinson, the Saints first round pick in 2010, is on the Steelers radar. Robinson flew into Pittsburgh late Sunday afternoon and had dinner with secondary coach Carnell Lake, according to a league source. Robinson is scheduled to continue his visit with the Steelers Monday morning. Robinson has two other visits planned for this week that he intends to take but the Steelers would like Pittsburgh to end up being his only visit as the team has expressed a “strong” interest in signing Robinson, a source says. Robinson, 27, started six games in 2014, andRead More »

NFL: Linebackers Morgan, Graham on Steelers free agency radar


View image | LATEST STEELERS BUZZ The Pittsburgh Steelers are expected to have over $20 million in cap space when free agency begins and NFL agents that spoke with Steelers officials at the combine believe they will be more aggressive in free agency than past years. An agent of an outside linebacker set to become a free agent next week, says the Steelers intend to be “players in the market” for a pass rusher. The belief is Pittsburgh will be pursuing free agents whose market values are expected to fall in the 5 year, $25-$30 million (total value) range. The Steelers expect to lose Jason Worilds who is seeking a deal in the range of 5 years, $40 million. Worilds last off-season declined a long-term offer from the Steelers believed to be worth around $30 million over 5 years and the team did not make a long-term offer thisRead More »

NFL: Steelers intend to let Jason Worilds hit the open market


The Pittsburgh Steelers want Jason Worilds back but not at the $8-$9 million per season Worilds believes he’s worth on a 5-6 year deal. Based on preliminary talks in the past couple days between the Steelers and Worilds representative Scott Smith, it remains clear that neither side see’s eye to eye on what Worilds value is on a long-term contract. The Steelers have informed the Worilds camp they will not make an offer to Worilds before free agency. With the team unlikely to tag Worilds, that has the Steelers planning to let Worilds hit the open market and establish his worth. If the Steelers didn’t tag Worilds last off-season, the Philadelphia Eagles were prepared to sign Worilds and meet his demands of a 5 year contract worth over $40 million. They remain a potential top landing spot for Worilds. “He understands that if he doesn’t get tagged, which we couldRead More »

Superior quarterback edge on paper the Steelers have again tonight hasn’t meant much of late


The AFC Playoff Picture as the season nears the mid-way point: 1. Denver Broncos (5-1) 2. Indianapolis Colts (5-2) 3. New England Patriots (5-2) 4. Baltimore Ravens (5-2) 5. San Diego Chargers (5-2) 6. Cincinnati Bengals (3-2-1) _________________________________________________________ 7. Buffalo Bills (4-3) 8. Houston Texans (3-3) 9. Kansas City Chiefs (3-3) 10. Miami Dolphins (3-3) 11. Pittsburgh Steelers (3-3) 12. Cleveland Browns (3-3) The Broncos are the class of the AFC followed by the next tier of four teams, Indianapolis, San Diego, Baltimore, New England. What do the Colts, Broncos, Chargers, Ravens and Patriots all have in common? They put up a ton of points. Indianapolis has put up 216 points, Baltimore 193 points, Denver 189 points, New England 187 points, San Diego 184 points. Among the fringe playoff teams in the AFC, currently slotted 6-12, only the Miami Dolphins, 147 points, and Kansas City Chiefs, 142 points, have scoredRead More »

Latest Buzz: Ray Rice released; Penn State is now bowl eligible


A new video released by TMZ of Ray Rice knocking his fiancee out, has thankfully led to the Ravens finally terminating Rice’s contract today. Social media is quite powerful, good and bad at times, but this was a situation where the power of social media was enough to finally see Ray Rice get what he deserved; Released from the NFL and likely never playing an NFL game again. The NFL also announced this afternoon Rice has been suspended indefinitely. He’s never going to play another day in the NFL. Whether the Ravens and NFL actually saw this video remains up for debate but until today their continued support of Rice was sickening and disgusting, especially the Ravens and Roger Goodell buying Rice’s story that he was defending himself. Even if the Ravens didn’t see the video, what did the Ravens organization think? Rice’s fiancee slipped and fell? It’s sickening toRead More »