Philippe Boucher announces his retirement


Pittsburgh Penguins defenseman Philippe Boucher has announced his retirement. Boucher released a statement this afternoon via his agent. Boucher, 36, played 17 NHL seasons after being a 1st round pick by the Buffalo Sabres in 1991. Boucher did not receive much interest this off-season but did consider a return to Pittsburgh. The Penguins offered Boucher a one year deal that was significantly less than his $2.5 million salary from 2008-2009. Pittsburgh wanted Boucher back to play the role of a 7th defenseman and to be a mentor to the Penguins young defensemen. Boucher became a close mentor to Kris Letang last season and was well liked in the locker room. Boucher recorded 94 goals, 206 assists for 300 points in his NHL career. Boucher on going out on top “I have always admired athletes that have retired as champions and I am humbled to have the chance to count myselfRead More »

Latest Penguins Buzz: Tangradi to join Penguins in 2010


Eric Tangradi maybe in a Penguins uniform at some point in the upcoming season but it won’t be in October or November. Tangradi will begin the 2009-2010 season in Wilkes Barre and any talk that Tangradi will be given an opportunity to earn a roster spot out of training camp is not true. In fact, Tangradi will likely be among the first cuts like Luca Caputi was last season. Tangradi is still recovering from hand surgery and Pittsburgh has absolutely no plans to rush his development. The original plan is for Tangradi to spend a full season in Wilkes Barre, but things could change at a later time and he will likely get a call-up to get his feet wet, sometime in 2010. *Max Talbot’s rehabilitation is going very well and it is expected that in 6 weeks he will be able to endure contact. Look for Talbot to returnRead More »

Boucher considering offer from Pittsburgh and retirement


As we’ve been mentioning for the past two weeks, the Penguins have an interest in re-signing defenseman Philippe Boucher. Boucher was a mentor to young defenseman Kris Letang as the two became close off the ice and Pittsburgh has made a one year offer worth $600,000 (performance bonuses), sources tell Inside Pittsburgh Sports. The New York Rangers are among a few other teams to reach out to Boucher but Boucher is only considering a return to Pittsburgh or retirement at this point. Unless a guaranteed offer with a role as a top 6 defenseman comes his way, Boucher will be returning to Pittsburgh or retiring. The players on the team have been pushing for Boucher to return and he has been receiving frequent phone-calls from his teammates. Unlike Daryl Sydor, Boucher became a leader in the locker-room and went out of his way to be a mentor to the youngRead More »

Latest Penguins Buzz: Don’t expect a Stanley Cup hang-over from the Penguins


Training Camp to open in 4 weeks With training camp expected to open on September 12th, Pittsburgh Penguins center Sidney Crosby has been in top shape for over two weeks according to sources close to Crosby as the star forward is ready for another Cup run.

Hiring of Tony Granato makes sense; Penguins still looking to add?


The Penguins’ hiring of Tony Granato as their new assistant coach makes sense: He’s young (45), dynamic and within the framework of what the Penguins have been doing since appointing Dan Bylsma as the team’s coach. Granato is a former NHL head coach who doubtless wants to be the boss again. It’s gutsy for Bylsma to bring a potential successor on board. But Bylsma has a pretty long leash after winning the Stanley Cup as a rookie. Anyway, if a coach isn’t winning, his team will find his replacement somewhere. Granato’s appointment is odd from one standpoint: The Penguins are a high-powered, fast-skating, north-south team. Last season under Granato, the Avalanche scored just 199 goals, the worst total in the league and the lowest since the lockout year. The Avs played a clichéd dump, chase and cycle style en route to a mark of 32-45-5, last in the West. ButRead More »

NHL: Latest Buzz: Penguins not interested in Prospal; Looking to add Veteran D-Man


The Pittsburgh Penguins are not interested in Tampa Bay Lightning forward Vinny Prospal sources tell Inside Pittsburgh Sports. Even at a salary under $1 million per season, the team doesn’t expect to be in play for him. The New York Rangers are emerging as the early front runner to land Prospal. The Penguins have held preliminary trade talks with the

Boucher interested in returning to Pittsburgh


Pittsburgh has their eye on other targets Defenseman Philippe Boucher has drawn interest from the St. Louis Blues and Dallas Stars as the 36 year old defenseman looks to receive a guaranteed contract and bounce back from two injury plagued seasons. Boucher who developed a close relationship with Kris Letang, became a vocal leader in the locker room, has a strong interest in returning to Pittsburgh and battling for the #6 defensemen spot. Despite Boucher being interested in Pittsburgh, a return to Pittsburgh appears to be murky at this point. Boucher who became a free agent on July 1, has

Trade Watch: Pittsburgh’s interest has cooled on Frolunda’s Carl Klingberg


One trade to watch for on draft day could be between the Minnesota Wild and the Pittsburgh Penguins. Wild GM Chuck Fletcher is believed to have his eye on Penguins defenseman Ben Lovejoy. Fletcher values Lovejoy as one of the Penguins top five prospects and believes he is NHL ready. There is a 0% chance that Fletcher would make an offer sheet to Lovejoy but a swap of Pascal Dupuis/Ben Lovejoy for a high draft pick is a possibility, although the Wild don’t own a 2nd round pick (09) at this point. Pittsburgh is currently in talks with Lovejoy about a two year deal. Updated Penguins Free Agency Chart – New Info on Fedotenko, Draft Buzz As I mentioned last week, Pittsburgh’s interest in Frolunda’s Carl Klingberg has cooled as there are concerns that he is in no hurry to play in North America. Despite injury concerns, Pittsburgh is very high onRead More »