Latest Penguins Buzz: Avs view of Olli Maatta in trade talks & More Buzz


Latest Penguins Buzz — Just over a month until training camp, the Penguins still have a third line center hole and fourth line center hole with Matt Cullen undecided as the NHL off-season has reached the dog days of August where most GM’s are vacationing. Mike Fisher retiring last week played right into why former Penguins center Nick Bonino was set on signing with the Nashville Predators from the start. From the get-go of the interview period, the Predators sold Bonino on having a bigger role in Nashville and being the long-term replacement for Fisher with the catch being Bonino would still be on a Stanley Cup contender. Pittsburgh could have decided in June that Bonino is more valuable to them than Conor Sheary would be for this next three to four year window where the Penguins have to a chance win more Cups. Therefore, Pittsburgh could have easily movedRead More »

The Curious Case of Conor Sheary


The curious case of Conor Sheary   As of this past weekend, Conor Sheary and the Pittsburgh Penguins were still locked in on a stalemate in contract talks. Sheary, 25, will be among the most intriguing arbitration cases, if there’s not a settlement before the hearing on August 4th. RESUME PROS 61 GP – 23 Goals – 30 Assists – 53 Pts (+24) 0.87 PPG (25th in NHL) 48 Even Strength Points (20th in NHL) 3.01 Points/60 5 vs 5 (1st in NHL among players who appeared in 250 mins or more) 53 CF% 5 v 5 1st Line Winger that can play both wings Cons for Arbitration Case 2 Years NHL experience 2 Goals in 22 playoff games during 2017 postseason Healthy scratch for at least one playoff game the last two seasons With Sheary, there are a wide range of opinions around the league on his potential arbitrationRead More »

TIOPS Daily 5: Pens weighing pros and cons of extending Hornqvist


TIOPS DAILY FIVE *Rumblings, Musings, Opinions* 1. Penguins management is building their roster with a 3-4 year window in mind where they don’t want to be locked into many bad contracts four to five years down the road when the time comes that some of their core might start to begin regressing. How much do the Penguins value Patric Hornqvist with the Penguins window still wide open to win a couple more Cups? We’re about to find out. 3. Ron Cook of the Post-Gazette created a stir today with a column titled “Don’t Be Surprised if the Penguins Trade Phil Kessel.” Among the blurbs from the column: [“I believe Phil Kessel will be traded. It might not happen this week or this month or even this offseason. But I believe it will happen sooner rather than later. Tocchet’s departure could hasten the process. It was clear in June, by the endRead More »

TIOPS Daily 5: Penguins brass see’s potential for dominant blueline with healthy 58


 Daily Five *Rumblings, Musings, Opinions* 1. A longer term deal between the Penguins and Brian Dumoulin beyond two years does not look feasible but the Penguins will live with a one or two year deal from arbitration and take another run at signing Dumoulin long-term next summer. Dumoulin’s hearing is July 24. He qualifies to be an unrestricted free agent on July 1, 2019. Despite disappointment that a long-term extension is looking bleak, the Penguins still regard Dumoulin as a big part of their future. This is another reason, though, why Olli Maatta’s contract is still highly valued by the organization because of their being certainty with five years left on the contract. Maatta is far from being unavailable but the Penguins have not been 2. One reason there’s no jump from the Penguins in moving one of the top-5 d-men for a center? The Penguins brass and others around the league believeRead More »