Penguins – Flyers: Murray, Guentzel shine in victorious outdoor game


Penguins 4 – Flyers 2 The Pittsburgh Penguins were victorious with a 4-2 win over the Philadelphia Flyers at Heinz Field. This was by far the most entertaining outdoor game the Penguins have played from the standpoint of quality chances being created by both teams. The ice was not an impediment to the players by any means. “Ice was great…. It was fast,” Sidney Crosby said afterwards. .” “It was such a fun night,” 40 year old Matt Cullen said. “I was just kind of blown away by the atmosphere. Just the whole thing, was one of those bucket list deals.” The Penguins got a strong performance from Matt Murray who made 36 saves and somehow wasn’t named one of the three stars. “He was solid,” Crosby said of Murray.. “They [Flyers] generated some really good chances. He had to make some really good saves, some weird ones, bad bouncesRead More »

TIOPS Latest: Penguins, Hurricanes discussing Fleury?


Stadium Series Flyers (28-25-7, 63 pts) vs Penguins (37-14-8, 82 Pts) Forecast (Puck Drop): 36 Degrees, Winds 18 mph Penguins Outdoor Game all-time record | 1-2-0 | Jan 1, 2008 | Pittsburgh 2 – Buffalo 1 Jan 1, 2011 | Washington 3 – Pittsburgh 1 March 1, 2014 | Chicago 5 – Pittsburgh 1 Penguins Outdoor Game all-time Leaders Goals: James Neal (1), Colby Armstrong (1), Evgeni Malkin (1), Assists: Sidney Crosby (1) Kris Letang (1), Marc Andre Fleury (1) NHL’s All-time Outdoor Game leading Goal Scorer: Eric Fehr (3 Goals) Tonight’s Storylines Mike Sullivan going with the sentimental choice tonight in goal was always a longshot, so it wasn’t a surprise this morning when Matt Murray was confirmed as the starter tonight. It was always the plan to start Murray, Sullivan just made it a little interesting yesterday in not committing to who would start. That said, while noRead More »

Latest Penguins Buzz: New Fleury Developments & Stadium Series Mystery


New Fleury Developments/Mystery on Stadium Series Goaltender It’s expected a 1-on-1 conversation between Marc Andre Fleury and Jim Rutherford will happen around Sunday as both sides will air some final things out before Wednesday’s 3:00 p.m. deadline. The situation remains fluid and one source close to the situation described things as heading down a path where both sides want to part ways but neither side wants to be the party to tell the other. It’s a couple that’s decided to split it up and divorce but neither side wants to be the first to sign the papers. Fleury will not demand a trade, is fine with playing the season out in Pittsburgh, but there are some rumblings (outside of Pittsburgh/Fleury camp) that the Penguins have been pushing a trade much harder than they have let on to Fleury which has rubbed

Penguins Taking Right Aggressive Approach at Deadline & Latest Trade Rumblings


Rutherford taking right approach at deadline [Penguins willing to move more draft picks] [Rust injury has Pens entering Eaves market?] The Penguins have the second best record in the Eastern Conference with nearly the same team as last season and while it’s an injury hit team right now, none of the injuries are season ending. Some around the league are looking at Jim Rutherford and wondering why he’s in on some of the big names as he is right now when the Penguins have in the eyes of many, one of the two best rosters in the Eastern Conference. Why potentially mess with a good thing that just won a Stanley Cup? I for one love Rutherford’s mindset for a Stanley Cup contender heading into the deadline. As Rutherford said yesterday, you can always improve in certain areas. “We like our forward group. You can always improve on it,” saidRead More »

Trade Deadline Buzz: Penguins still looking to Add


Latest Trade Deadline Buzz [1. Pens still looking to Add] [2. Team monitoring Shattenkirk market] [3. Top priority in creating cap space] [4. Pens to circle back to Fleury] [5. Rutherford/Sullivan on Hainsey] On the heels of acquiring Ron Hainsey this morning, Penguin General Manager Jim Rutherford is looking to add one more defenseman and intends to scour the market right up until the deadline with an open mind of all positions in the play. “We’ll stay in the mix right up to the deadline and see what happens,” Rutherford told reporters today. Sources say the Penguins were pursuing two particular deals

Latest Marc Andre Fleury Rumors


LATEST MARC ANDRE FLEURY RUMORS The Pittsburgh Penguins have intended to let Marc Andre Fleury drive the bus to a point on whether he is traded by March 1 but the market is also dictating where things are headed. Now six days out until the trade deadline, things are status quo on how they were earlier in the month as Penguins continue to regard a Fleury trade as very unlikely. For starters, a market has just not developed for Fleury with the Penguins yet to receive an offer for the veteran netminder. Second, despite clearly entrenched as the No. 2 goaltender behind Matt Murray, communication between the Penguins and Fleury has been of such where Fleury at this point prefers a trade to happen

Penguins keeping their ear on the Shattenkirk market & More Trade Buzz


LATEST TRADE DEADLINE BUZZ Eight days until the trade deadline and the Penguins are in the big name conversations, namely Matt Duchene and continue to keep contact with the Blues on Kevin Shattenkirk to monitor the asking price, while the team is in quite a few conversations for mid-tier defensemen. There’s also the Marc Andre Fleury situation that needs to be figured out. The possibilities are wide open for the Penguins from doing something big, to just a tweak to nothing at all. One conversation the Penguins weren’t in recently was for defenseman Michael Stone was was traded to the Calgary Flames on Monday for a third round pick and a conditional 5th round pick. Arizona also retained 50% of the cap hit. Sources say over the last month Stone received very poor scouting reports from Penguin scouts and that took him out of consideration as a trade target. WithRead More »

Rumors: New suitor emerging for Fleury?


Penguins – Blue Jackets Fallout The most important takeaway out of the Penguins 2-1 overtime loss to the Columbus Blue Jackets is an obvious one. Pittsburgh and Columbus have elite starting goaltenders in Matt Murray and Sergei Bobrovsky. Those two going head-to-head would be fun in April. Nothing else should be taken out of last night’s game that gives a glimpse of what to expect in a seven game series if these two clubs are indeed on a collision course to a first round matchup, and let’s hope they are because Rangers – Penguins is getting quite boring. Pittsburgh missing two top-9 forwards, in addition to Justin Schultz and Olli Maatta, this was a well earned point, coming off a physical game the night before. Shots were 39-39 with Pittsburgh having a 61-60 edge in 5 v 5 shot attempts. Columbus poses a potential challenge to the Penguins and howRead More »

Impact of Olli Maatta Injury on the Penguins Trade Front


The Olli Maatta injury that will likely knock him out for the rest of the regular season has a lot of different dynamics at play. 1. For one, the Penguins were already floating him in trade talks, most notably to the Avalanche as a center piece in talks for Matt Duchene, and had made him available to a few other specific teams, sources have said. 2. The Penguins have also been looking hard at defensemen on the market, Buffalo’s Dmitry Kulkiov among them, who even prior to the Maatta injury, wouldn’t have been coming in to sit in the press box. From a cap standpoint, the injury could make Jim Rutherford even more aggressive and dangerous on the trade market. The Penguins will have the primary option to place Maatta on LTIR, use the cap space to make an addition and then re-activate Maatta for the playoffs where there’s noRead More »